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Here at Standard Concession Supply you will find a variety of Popcorn Machines, Popcorn Poppers, Cotton Candy Machines , Snow Cone Machines and Hot Dog Machines for home and commercial use....at low discounted prices to save you money. And, we feature a full line of the Nostalgia Electrics Fun Food Appliances for the Home. Not only will you find here a variety of concession equipment and fun food and party appliances, but you will find a full compliment of the supplies to use with our appliances for commercial use, as well as, for residential use.

Standard Concession Supply is your complete fun food equipment and supply resource for commercial endeavors, festivals, church fairs, fundraising, gift-giving, family fun, home entertainment, birthday parties, and a whole lot more.




Featured Products



Commercial Popcorn Machines                                             Snow Cone Machines  

Commercial Popcorn Machines                                           Snow Cone Machines
As Low as $279.99                                                       Crush up to 500 lbs. of Ice Per Hour!





Cotton Candy Machines                                   Home Hot Dog Roller

Great for Business and Home Use Cooks up to 8 hotdogs!
Now On Special for $377.97!


Premiere Hollywood Popcorn Machine
Pop Up Some Popcorn Hollywood Style
4 oz. Popcorn Machine only $279.99


Hot Air Popcorn Poppers
Great Birthday or Holiday Gift 



 Old Fashioned Cotton Candy Maker

 Old Fashioned Cotton Candy Maker
Children and Family Fun Cotton Candy
By Nostalgia Electrics



Christmas Inflatables 



 Valentine Inflatables


St Patricks Day Inflatable

Let this St Patty Day Bear
Brighten Up Your Celebrations


Lemonade Drink Cups




Our Fun Food Supplies Include:

* Pre-Packaged cotton candy cups and bags


* Popcorn Supplies - Including Popcorn Seasonings

* Snow Cone Syrups and Supplies

Paragon Sno Cone Syrups

* Cotton Candy Supplies

* Candy Peanuts

* Salted Peanuts

* Popcorn Bowls




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If would like to contact us for futher information, you can email us at funfoods@cox.net, or you may call us at 757-473-8951 for friendly customer service.

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Looking to stay healthy?

At Standard Concession Supply you can even find information about the nutritional value of popcorn, which can be found on our popcorn facts page. And to gather up some information about how eating popcorn may prevent Type II Diabetes, head on over to our popcorn and diabetes news section.

We also offer up articles about the historical facts about popcorn and cotton candy, and alot of other useful and interesting information found in different locations around our website. Scroll down below to the next section under popcorn machines with a link leading to great tips and secrets found no where else concerning the use and operation of commercial popcorn machines. So stick around for awhile and check out the sites!

To see our Fun Food Special Item OF THE WEEK ..... scroll down below to the bottom of the page to see which Standard Concession Supply product is on special this week.

Commercial Popcorn Machines

Commercial Popcorn Machines are our specialty. We feature a large selection of Old Fashioned Popcorn Machines, Home Theater Popcorn Machines Antique-Style Popcorn Machines, and Commercial Popcorn Machines  from Benchmark USA, Sports Fan Products, Paragon International, Echols, and the Helman Group.  We have just introduced a whole new line of popcorn machines  and carts by Benchmark USA and Sports Fan Products!


Here is what one of customers said: "I recently purchased a Paragon Theater Pop 4 and a bunch of supplies from you and couldn't be happier.  It's easy to use, easy to clean, makes great - tasting popcorn -- and a LOT of it for such a compact popper."  ....Josh Optiz


You will find a large variety of popcorn machines that are great for home use includinghome theater rooms, home game rooms, and and home entertaining rooms.

For commercial use, we have popcorn machines that are great for high school football and basketball snack bars, little league baseball, hotels, nursing homes, car dealerships, movie theaters, universities, and a whole lot of other venues.  And you will find a great selection of 4 oz.or 6 oz. popcorn machines if you are looking for one to equip your office.

And for schools and churches, popcorn machines makes a great avenue for fund raising.  Popcorn is a great profit maker!

Need information or instruction on how to use a commercial popcorn machine?  Then click on how to operate a commercial popcorn machine for a lot of great details and special tips.  Here you will find a lot of great information that you will not find anywhere else.  You DON'T want to miss this!

And don't forget, our popcorn machines make excellent gifts for the popcorn lover at heart for birthdays and for the holidays! 

Popcorn Machine and Cart combos start at only $337.00 and Popcorn Machines start at only $250.00!  You can find these Popcorn Machine and Cart combos and a variety of other models in various sizes and styles from the Helman Group, Echols, and Paragon in our  Popcorn Machines Store


Looking to add some excitement to your Home Theater?

Are you considering to add a Home Theater Room to your house?  Or do you already have a home theater room?  Then make your home theater experience more enjoyable with the aroma and taste of fresh hot popcorn, made from our beautiful Antique Style 4 or 6 ounce Home Theater Popcorn Machines


Old Fashioned 4 oz. Home Theater Popcorn Machine

The quality of popcorn created from our popcorn machines is incredible!  Moist, fluffy, and tender.  Popcorn that tastes like it was just popped at the movie theater!  And, no more pot full of unpopped kernels.  Our commercial style popcorn machines for residential use pops up nearly every kernel! 

Standard Concession Supply features a great variety of home theater popcorn machines including the 4 oz and 6 oz very sophisticated looking Paragon Contempo Pop Popcorn Machines, and the economical Nostalgia Electrics Full Popcorn Machine and Cart Combo for only $337.00 that includes a Free Bonus Case of our dual pack popcorn and popcorn bags! 

Nostalgia Electrics Fun Food Appliances

We also feature a wide selection of Nostalgia Electrics Fun Food Appliances including

  • Countertop Pizza Baking Oven
  • Home Slushee Maker
  • Old Fashioned Cotton Candy Makers
  • Old Fashioned Popcorn Machines
  • Old Fashioned Snow Cone Cart and
  • Hot Dog Cart with Umbrella, and much more! 
  • Nostalgia Electrics HDR-535 Home Old Fashioned Hot Dog Roller. This unit offers professional grade food service performance in a home appliance!  Now cooking hot dogs is fun anytime with the old fashioned hot dog roller!  Click on Home Hot Dog Roller for more details.
  • Old Fashioned Mini Popcorn Popper and Cart
    Here, you will find our Mini Old Fashioned Tabletop Hot Oil and Hot Air Popcorn Popper.  These Mini Counter-Top Popcorn Poppers is modeled after the larger antique popcorn machines and carts of the early 1900's and they make for great family and party fun. Easy to carry from room to room.  Convenient poppers for game rooms, as well as home theater and entertainment rooms.  Large enough to pop popcorn for two or three, but small enough to place almost anywhere.



Great Gift Ideas 

At Standard Concession Supply we feature a variety of unique, fun, and interesting gift-items for birthdays, holidays, special events, graduations, anniversaries, house warming parties, weddings, and more





Popcorn Supplies

We carry gourmet and theatre style popcorn supplies that includes popcorn containers, popcorn scoop boxes, popcorn bags, popcorn cups, pre-portioned popcorn packs, and scrumptious Kernel Seasonings gourmet popcorn flavors.   We also carry supplies for  funnel cakes, and candy and caramel apple supplies which you can order by calling 757-473-8951.

Fun Fact: Americans consume 17 billion quarts of popped popcorn annually or 59 quarts per person.  It is one of the most wholesome and economical foods available. For additional facts about popcorn and to learn a little about the nutritional value of popcorn, click on popcorn facts.


Snow Cones

 And what does everyone look for first at the local festival, company picnic, or school carnival on those hot and humid days??  Snow cones!  Standard Concession Supply features a variety of commercial hardworking snow cone machines including one with a nostalgic style and design. Each shaves 500 lbs. of ice per hour!   And we have the perfect snow cone maker for the home in our Nostalgia Electrics store.  Looking for snow cone supplies??  Then head on over to our snow cone page featuring a variety of snow cone syrups and cups.


Cotton Candy Products


Looking for instruction on how to make cotton candy?  How about the supplies to make cotton candy, including flossine, cotton candy bags, and cotton candy sugar?    Then head on over to our cotton candy section.  Here you will also find prepackaged cotton candy   in both 32 oz. plastic cups and 2.3 oz plastic cotton candy bags.  For home cotton candy machines, go to our Helman Group Nostalgia Electrics store.  Here you will find a children's style cotton candy machine that the whole family can enjoy. Children will love these cotton candy makers!  We also feature a larger cotton candy maker and old fashioned cart combo for home and commercial use.  For Commercial Cotton Candy Machines, click on cotton candy machines.



What's NEW at Standard Concession Supply?

Looking to purchase the famous KPM-508 Popcorn Popper.  It's one of our hottest sellers!  Used for gift giving, home theaters, bar areas, and for party fun!  The KPM-508's popcorn carts are smaller than larger commercial popcorn machines, so you can place them just about anywhere including small tables, bar areas, or kitchen counters.  Go to our Old Fashioned Popcorn Popper store to get one today. 


Hard Candy/Sugar Free Cotton Candy Maker!  And check out the Retro Hot Dog and Popcorn Makers and Lighted Punch Bowl Fountain in our Nostalgia Electrics Store.  And, in our cotton candy section,  Prepackaged Cotton Candy in 2.4 oz bags featuring strawberry and blueberry flavors!  And if that isn't enough, you will also find here Pre-Packaged Cotton Candy new 24 ct resealable containers with new holiday/seasonal flavors.  Makes a great gift pak too! 

Also new at Standard Concession is our very fashionable and bright Lemonade Drink Cups and Tropical Drink Containers.

And we now carry a wide variety of Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine, Easter, and St Patrick's Day Inflatables... for outdoor and indoor use to brighten up you Holidays.