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Take a step back in time in our Nostalgia Electrics store.  Just like the old days, when times were simpler, thingswere done the old fashioned way, life moved at a slower pace.  Now you can bring back that feeling back in your very own home using today's technology but yesterday's charm. 

Nostalgia Electrics appliances are Family Fun.  Kids of all ages enjoy the family time spent together, and now they will especially enjoy family time with the fun and excitement and great taste from any of our old fashioned Nostalgia Electrics fun food appliances!  

With the various Nostalgia Electrics appliances available, your social parties will be anything but ordinary!  And with our Nostalgia Electrics fun party appliances, hosting a party will be a breeze.   And they are easy to use and easy to clean!



Nostalgia Electrics Retro Series Single Snow Cone Maker

Nostalgia Electrics is the Retro Single Serve Snow Cone Maker.  Cool fun for all the kids in the house or for your next party.  Have them hold their snow cone cup under the snow cone head, and turn on the shaver and watch their faces as the shaved ice fills their cup with fluffy perfectly shaved ice.  Pour on some syrups and you have wonderful cool down treat for all your summer and fall parties!  You can also make fruity slush drinks, yogurt snow, and snow smoothies.  Grab the retro ice maker below to compliment this snow cone maker and you will never run out of ice at your next party....and wow your guests as well!


Nostalgia Electrics SCC399 Snow Cone Machine and Cart

Nostalgia Electrics SCC399 SNOW CONE CART.  The Nostalgia Electrics Series Old Fashioned Snow Cone Machine and Cart features both a vintage appeal and the convenience of a modern appliance. Use ice cubes from the freezer to shave and craft refreshing snow cones for the warm spring and summer days festivities. The handy storage compartment is ideal for storing syrups, extra cones and other supplies. Standing 48 inches tall, this snow cone cart is perfect for large groups, parties and events such as fundraisers. Just add your choice of your flavored snow cone syrup and enjoy great tasting snow cones with the kids, at the swimming pool with friends, or any holiday party you are hosting.

Orig.: $167.00
Sale: $117.00

Nostalgia Electrics Commercial Chocolate Fondue Fountain

CCF-552 Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Chocolate Fondue Fountain by Nostalgia Electrics.  Brand new item from the Helman Company.  The Nostalgia Electrics Commercial Fondue Fountain will impress your guests with style and elegance. It is one of the most durable chocolate fondues on the market today, and is perfect for all your catering needs.  Easy to use.  Just pour dark or white chocolate into the base and  switch on the motor.  The fondue brings chocolate to the top of the fountain, and the chocolate flows down each tier presenting a very eye catching setup. Then have your guests choose their favorite snack-strawberries, marshmallows, cookies, pretzels, whatever-and it's ready, set...dip.  Great for weddings, baby showers, and large parties.  Even a great item to purchase if you are a rental store owner.  Easily dissembles for quick cleanup.  3 Tier stainless steel tower.  Holds up to 6 lbs. of chocolate.

Sale: $249.00

Orig.: $299.00
Sale: $249.00

Nostalgia PCM405WMLN Hard & Sugar-Free Candy Cotton Candy Maker

 Nostalgia Electric's Hard Candy/Sugar Free Cotton Candy Maker.  This product is the first of its kind!  With the Hard Candy/Sugar Free Cotton Candy Maker, not only can you use traditional cotton candy floss mix, but you can actually put in hard candies or sugar free candy of your choice!  Whatever your imagination,  you can put in life savers, or peppermints, jolly ranchers, sweetarts, or any favorite candy of your own liking can go into this cotton candy maker and in no time these candies will be transformed into fluffy and tasty cotton candy.  For a low-calorie treat, sugar free candies can be used.  Perfect item for parents who are worried about their kids children surgar intake-or even for those with dietary restrictions. 
Great gift for the cotton candy lover on your birthday gift list.

Orig.: $49.97
Sale: $34.97

Nostalgia Electrics Commercial Cotton Candy Machine and Cart

The CCM-600 Large Commercial Cotton Candy Maker and Cart!  For several years the CCM-505 Mini Cotton Candy Maker has very been very popular for home use and family fun.  Now the Englewood Marketing Group has introduced a commercial size cotton candy machine that can be used for home or commercial use.  Very attractive cotton candy cart is included at no extra charge!  Basic 110 volt electrical setup.  Still easy to use, put the output is much higher!  Great gift for birthdays and upcoming Fall Festivities!   On sale today for only $ grab one today!  Another avenue where fun and profit meet at Standard Concession Supply!

Click on the link above to see a how to video.

Orig.: $377.97
Sale: $277.97

The Nostalgia Electrics 2.5 Oz Kettle Popcorn Maker

New from Nostalgia Electrics for 2017 is the PKP-250 Retro Kettle Popcorn Maker..  Bright and colorful and classic looking retro popcorn maker.  Reflect back on an earlier nostalgic period.  This popcorn popper is indeed a classic and should be a collectors item!  Makes 2 oz. of popcorn per popping.  It features a large stainless steel kettle with a built in stirring system and pops up to 1 gallon of hot, fresh, and delicious movie style popcorn per batch. Includes a measuring spoon for oil and measuring cup for popcorn kernels, so every batch pops perfectly.  Can only be shipped within the USA.

Orig.: $72.97
Sale: $57.97


For our mini old fashioned popcorn carts, visit our Old Fashioned Popcorn Poppers page.  Click on Old Fashioned Hot Dog Roller to see the new Helman Nostalgia Electrics's HDR-353 Hot Dog Roller.


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