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Popcorn Cleaning Kit and Cleaners

Popcorn Kettle Cleaning Kit

No more excuses for ugly and dirty popcorn kettles.  With the Popcorn Kettle Cleaning Kit, you have everything you need to bring your kettle back to its original condition... clean and at the ready.  Popcorn Kettle Cleaning Kit will last through 3-4 cleanings.  Carbon Off Kettle Cleaner is included.


Carbon Off Popcorn Kettle Cleaner

Easily softens and dissolves carbon build up on popcorn kettles and other cooking surfaces.  Should not be used on painted enamel, plexiglass, or plastic surfaces.


Klean Sweep Grease Remover

Kleen Sweep in 19 oz. can. This aerosol, heavy-duty cleaner actually softens and dissolves carbon build up on grill, kettles and other cooking devices. Spray on - rinse off - no wiping or scrubbing necessary. Should not be used on painted enamel surfaces, plexiglass or plastic. No hazardous material packaging or labels are required (not so with Fastoff). Kleen Sweep is an aerosol - and cannot be shipped by air!


Heat N Kleen Popcorn Kettle Cleaner

Heat N Clean is an inside and outside kettle cleaner.  It especially effective on the inside of kettles.  When you have a lot of build up on the inside of your kettle, add a small amount of Heat N Clean with water, and bring to a boil, and dump out according to instructions.  Does wonders for the inside of your popcorn kettle.  Comes in a 31 oz. container.  Easiest and safest kettle cleaning option.

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