Patriotic Inflatables

Brighten up your yard or celebration site this summer and show your Patriotic Spirit with
one of our Colorful Patriotic Inflatables!  Also a must item at your next 2019 Political Event.


Patriotic Inflatables



All these Patriotic Inflatables have internal lighting to light up your 4th of July Night!


Just wanted to say thank you again for the Inflatable Heart, it looks great.
  I posted the following post on Google + and Facebook with the attached
  picture. I hope you have a Happy Fourth of July!  Bill Elliot, MI

Two Hearts Patriotic Inflatable



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4 Foot Uncle Sam Patriotic Inflatable

New Patriotic Inflatable...4 Foot Uncle Sam Inflatable.  This adorable Uncle Sam inflatable can be used anywhere...In your yard or in your home, or take it with you and plug in at your next Patriotic Event!  Energy efficient LED lighting.


5 Foot Pooch Patriotic Inflatable

5 Foot Pooch Patriotic Inflatable. This dapper looking pooch is all dressed up in his patriotic garb.  Let your patriotism soar by displaying this adorable 5 foot Patriotic Pooch inflatable this Independence Day, as well as on other Patriotic Holidays!  Great inflatable for election activities as well.. 

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Pooch Patriotic Inflatable

Orig.: $74.97
Sale: $59.97

4 Foot Polar Bear with Flag Patriotic Inflatable

Four Foot Patriotic Polar Bear Holding American Flag Inflatable. This very adorable Polar Bear Patriotic Red, White, and Blue Inflatable will be the hit at your Patriotic Events.  Kids will really love this one.  At 4 feet tall, this Bear will be great for indoor or outdoor events.....and great for home porch or yard decor. 

Orig.: $42.97
Sale: $37.97

Mickey Mouse Patriotic Inflatable

New Patriotic Mickey Inflatable.  Mickey is the Patriotic Spirit all decked out in the red, white, and blue and proudly holding the American Flag.  This Disney Mickey Inflatable blows up to stand 4 feet tall.  Great item for the 4th of July and other Patriotic Holiday.  Lights up for night time viewing.


Patriotic Inflatables


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Orig.: $49.97
Sale: $44.97

Patriotic Heart with Two Hats Inflatable

Patriotic Inflatable...Large Patriotic Heart with Two Hats.  Uniquely designed Patriotic inflatable featuring the red, white, and blue will catch admiring looks and inspire all to celebrate freedom and liberty, and to honor those who serve and have served.  Make a statement this year on Patriotic holidays by displaying this colorful and attractive Patriotic Heart inflatable!

Orig.: $84.97
Sale: $79.97

American Bald Eagle Patriotic Inflatable

Large Patriotic US Eagle Inflatable.  Large Patriotic Inflatable featuring an American Bald Eagle that stands over 8 feet tall. What a great way to show your patriotic spirit!  The symbol of American Pride. This Inflatable will be the pride of the neighborhood!


Orig.: $149.97
Sale: $104.97

5 Foot Brown American Bald Eagle Inflatable

New for 2019....5 Foot Brown Bald Eagle With Bandanna Patriotic Inflatable.  Colorful new 5 foot Patriotic Eagle...and this Eagle looks to mean business to protect liberty and freedom. The bandanna is completely removable. Show Uncle Sam your spirit and patriotism this year.  Great item for Nascar parties, 4th of July parties, and other Patriotic events including Labor Day, Veterans Day, and President's Day!  Also great for zoos, museums, and conservationist events. Great way to honor our troops


Uncle Sam With American Flag and Eagle Patriotic Inflatable

Uncle Sam Patriotic Inflatable with American Flag and Eagle.  All our favorite Patriotic symbols featured here in one inflatable. Will be the hit at all your Patriotic functions and 2018 Election Events.  Stands 6 feet tall.  Easy to set up and take down. Electric Motor and lighting included.


Uncle Sam with Flag Patriotic Inflatable

Back for 2019....Adorable Uncle Sam Holding American Flag Patriotic Inflatable.  This Uncle Sam Inflatable will be the talk of the neighborhood or your Patriotic event.  This Uncle Sam is large at 8 feet tall and will grab the attention of everyone at night with internal lighting that will create a glowing nighttime effect.  Great display for all the Patriotic celebrations!



Uncle Sam Patriotic Inflatable

Gemmy Airblown Six Foot Uncle Sam Patriotic Inflatable.  Uncle Sam is featured here holding the American flag in one hand and and a God Blessing America sign in the other hand.  Uncle Sam can greet all your guests as they enter all your events and festivities.  Bright and colorful inflatable that will definitely brighten up your front yard or all you 4th of July celebrations and cook outs!


Uncle Sam Coming Out of Cannon Patriotic Inflatable

Uncle Sam In Cannon Patriotic Inflatable.  Great way to add some fun and humor to your Patriotic Celebrations with this Uncle Sam ready to be shot of the cannon Inflatable.  This 5 Foot Tall and 6.5 Foot Wide Outdoor Patriotic Decoration includes 3 plus cannon balls along with Uncle Sam.

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4 Foot Gemmy Uncle Sam Patriotic Inflatable

Celebrate Independence with this Dapper Looking Uncle Sam Patriotic Inflatable.  This Gemmy Uncle Sam inflatable stands 4 feet tall and is all decked in red, white, and blue.  Great priced item to celebrate all your Patriotic festivities.  Great for indoors or outdoors.


Patriotic Lighted American Flag Inflatable

New  Patriotic American Flag Inflatable.  Great decoration for all the Patriotic holidays including Presidents Day,  Memorial Day, Flag Day, 4th of July, and Veterans Day. Large Patriotic Inflatable that greets all and extends almost 6 feet long and stands five feet tall.


12 Foot Uncle Sam Patriotic Inflatable

Super size your Patriotic Inflatables the year with this very large 12 foot Uncle Sam Inflatable.  Decked out in his red, white, and blue, Uncle Sam gives a salute with a big smile to all passerby.  Great for Flag Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Presidents Day, and more.

Orig.: $119.97
Sale: $84.97

Patriotic Rocket Inflatable

New...Let your Patriotism soar with this large 8 foot Red, White, and Blue Inflatable Rocket.  Includes motor to inflate rocket and lighting to illuminate your night time celebrations.


Statute of Liberty Patriotic Inflatable

Large Statute of Liberty Patriotic Inflatable.  Honor freedom, liberty, and our Military with this large 8 foot Lady of Liberty Statue Inflatable.  The Statue Of Liberty with her torch represents hope, liberty, and freedom.  Great patriotic inflatable for Independence Day, Memorial Day, Presidents Day, Veterans Day, and more.  Let freedom reign!



Puppy Dog Patriotic Inflatable

Air Character Patriotic Puppy Dog Inflatable.  This large 8 foot adorable Patriotic Puppy Dog is ready to celebrate and light up your 4th of July and other Patriotic occasions.

Orig.: $89.97
Sale: $84.97

Uncle Sam on Rocket Patriotic Airblown

Uncle Sam on a Rocket Patriotic Inflatable.  Honor freedom, liberty, and our Military with this 6 foot Uncle Sam Riding on Rocket Inflatable.  Great patriotic inflatable for Independence Day, Memorial Day, Presidents Day, Veterans Day, and more.  Let freedom reign!

Orig.: $94.97
Sale: $89.97

Patriotic Bear Holding American Flag Inflatable

Patriotic Bear Holding American Flag Inflatable.  Let this cute and adorable Patriotic Bear light up all your Patriotic Holidays.  Great item for yards, barbecues, and 4th of July celebrations.  This Bear will greet all your visitors with a big Red, White, and Blue Hello.  This large Patriotic Bear Inflatable is all decked out in his colorful Patriotic garb and stands 7.5 feet tall!

Orig.: $89.97
Sale: $79.97

Patriotic Musical Flag

Patriotic Musical Flag.  Wave the flag while it plays the Star Spangled Banner!  16.5" H flagpole has a great sounding 90 second battery operated musical chip that plays the instrumental version of the national anthem.  Polyester flag.  Uses 2 Double AA batteries, batteries not included.  Retail display box available for larger orders.

Great for all Patriotic Holidays

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Orig.: $2.47
Sale: $0.01

6 Foot Patriotic Ribbon Inflatable

Red, White, and Blue Patriotic Ribbon.  Large 6 foot Patriotic Inflatable with the words God Bless America. Great way to show your Patriotic Spirit this summer.  Great for Memorial Day, Flag Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, and President's Day.


6 Foot 4th of July Polar Bear Patriotic Inflatable

New Gemmy Patriotic Inflatable.....6 Foot Patriotic Polar Bear.  Stands 6 feet tall.  Let your patriotism soar by displaying this 6 foot Patriotic Bear inflatable this Independence Day, as well as on other Patriotic Holidays!  Great inflatable for the approaching Elections.  

Orig.: $64.97
Sale: $54.97