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Standard Concesion Supply's Popcorn Supplies comes from the finest seeds available. Our popcorn is grown in the heart of the corn belt of America so you can be assured that the quality is the finest around. Our Popcorn is selected for its explosive expansion qualities and tender flakes. Because of our dedication to bringing our customers nothing but the best, Standard Concessions Supply guarantees total satisfaction.  Our popcorn machine supplies contain explosive kernels that produce the best volume yields in the industry, while delivering the best tasting popcorn available anywhere.

Standard Concession Supply has available its popular Great Western or Rojo's Dual Pak Popcorn Kit pouch system which has everything to pop perfect popcorn every time. Great Pop popcorn kit is packaged with one chamber containing gourmet quality popcorn and buttery flavored salt. The other side contains high grade, low melt point, pure coconut oil. Great Pop Popcorn kit is available in either  4oz., 8oz., or 12 oz. portion packs. Great pop can also be packaged with canola oil.

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If you don't see what you are looking for, feel free to email us at info@standardconcessionsupply.comor call us at 757-473-8951.  Our warehouse inventory contains other items not listed below.


  Artwork subject to change without notice.


Popcorn Supplies




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Sunglo Buttery Topping

Sunglo Buttery Topping by the Gallon manufactured by Great Western Products.

Formerly Peters Buttery Flavored Topping Oil is now Sunglo ultimate buttery topping for popcorn lovers every where. Popcorn butter is usually considered the secret to good Movie Theater Popcorn....Sunglo Movie Time buttery topping is a delicious butter flavor topping that is used by some of the largest theatre circuits in the world.  Can't get enough Butter on your Popcorn? ... Try our delicious Buttery Popcorn Topping!  All you have to do is drizzle this buttery topping onto your freshly made popcorn to add the warm, buttery goodness you find at movie Theaters. Your friends and family or customers will thank you.


Butter Warmer Pump Dispenser

The Paragon Butter Warmer Pump.  Now you can have buttery popcorn just like the movie theaters right in your home.  No need to purchase the $350.00 commercial butter warmer.  Just pour in your buttery topping and in 5 minutes, you are ready to go.   Also, a great product for a small business snack area or car showroom or other similar venues.

 Also, a great gift for the popcorn lover!

Free Shipping!  No Coupon Needed.


Gallon of Canola Popcorn Oil

Gallon of Sunglo Movie Time Canola Oil.  New at Standard Concession Supply...Formerly Peters Movie Time canola oil by the gallon....Has now a new name with Sunglo Canola Oil.  This oil is blended with a wonderful tasting buttery oil that will make great tasting popcorn for theater or home use.  Sunglo Popping Oil is a healthy oil to pop popcorn with...without high saturated fats and cholesterol.  Great flavor and great smell.  The color of the popcorn will be golden yellow color.  Try some today!

Click here for more info on the change from Peters to Suglo

Orig.: $12.75
Sale: $11.50

Great Western Gallon of Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil Just like they use at the movie theater.  This coconut oil has been formulated for popcorn popping. This product is a Diacetyl Free Coconut oil, pure and refined.  This oil will pop popcorn with a great aroma and maximum expansion of each popcorn kernel.  And, popcorn popped in coconut oil simply tastes great.  This coconut oil contains no trans fats.  This coconut oil is sold by the gallon.

Orig.: $27.00
Sale: $22.00

Savannah Gold Popcorn

Savannah Gold 5 lb. Popcorn Seed.  One of the most delicious popcorn seed.  The Savannah Gold has a creamy, chewy texture with mellow flavor.  This sweet flavored corn tastes like you have buttered it.  Our Savannah Gold Popcorn comes in an attractive new 5 lb. plastic bottle.  New bottle makes it easier to handle, more convenient to store, and save you money.

It's healthy and nutritious and it tastes great!


White Birch Flavor Popcorn

White birch flavored popcorn packed in a 5 lb. plastic bottle..the perfect popcorn lovers size.  The 5 lb. bottle is very easy to reclose and store after every use.

Wisconsin White Birch – This delicious white popping corn pops up light and crispy, with a sweet, mild flavor.  Great taste for the Holidays!


5 lb. Gourmet Popcorn Flavors

Unlike other commercial brands that have been genetically altered, our gourmet popcorn kernels, featured here is 5 lb stylish plastic containers, have very tender hulls, which shatter when popped. Our smaller kernels also have a deeper, richer corn flavor. Larger kernels could be achieved by cross-breeding with field corn, but would produce a less flavorful, almost styrofoam-like texture. Our Popcorn is GMO-free - nature at its best.  Our Gourmet Popcorn Seeds featured here includes Autumn Blaze, High Mountain Midnight, Sunset Fire, Orchard Blossoms, hulless Baby White Rice, and Red River Valley Gourmet Popcorn Kernels.  Click on link above for further descriptions.. 


Caramel Popcorn Glaze
For the sweet tooth and caramel popcorn lover(s) in your family, offer up some caramel popcorn glazed popcorn.   For a tasty treat, simply combine this delicious Gold Medal Glaze Pop with popcorn and oil while heating. 28 ounce quart container.  Great item also for a gourmet popcorn or candy shop.  Also, great for tea and coffee. 
Now available: Glaze Pop in Cherry and Blue Raspberry
Click on the link above to order from the drop down menu

Orig.: $4.50
Sale: $4.35

Sunglo 2.5 oz Dual Pack Popcorn

New at Standard Concession Supply...2.5 oz Size Portion Pack Popcorn.  Packed 36 count per case.  Perfect for the Nostalgia Electrics CCP-399 Popcorn Popper and cart or the Nostalgia Electrics RKP-630 Coke Popper or several other popcorn makers with 2.5 oz size kettles.  Packed with the correct amount of popcorn, coconut oil, and seasoning salt.


Popcorn Starter Kit for 4 oz. Kettles

Popcorn Starter Kit for 4 oz Kettle....everything you need to get started popping popcorn with your new popcorn machine.  Also great to have on hand for everyday use in your home theater room to keep your home theater popcorn machine popping.  Order two to always have a backup on hand for the big parties.

This Popcorn Starter Kit is for Popcorn Machines with 4 oz. Kettles.

  • 24 pre-measured popcorn portion packs
  • 100 - one ounce paper clown bags
  • 1 - plastic scoop
  • 1- corn measure
  • 1 - oil measure

Orig.: $32.99
Sale: $28.99

Benchmark 4 oz Portion Pack Popcorn

Benchmark 4 oz portion pack popcorn. Conveniently  packed with oil, popcorn, and salt pre-measured for theater quality popcorn for 4 oz popcorn machines.  No measuring. No mess. Just great popcorn!

Call 757-473-8951 for bulk shipping rates.


Dual Pak Popcorn for 4 oz. Kettle - 48 ct.

Case of Dual Pak 48 Count 4oz Individual Popcorn Packets. 

Each packet contains Pre-Measured Corn, Coconut Oil, and Salt.   Easy to Use.

Everything is pre-measured for you and ready to put in your popcorn kettle!  The correct portion to pop perfect popcorn with each and every popping.  No mess and no measuring!  Now Pareve Certified Kosher.  For more information on ingredients, click on nutritional statement.

Orig.: $30.75
Sale: $28.50

Pop Weaver 4 oz. Fun Pop 36 ct. Pack Popcorn

New...Popweaver popcorn now in the 4 oz kettle size.  Fun Pop is the name...Delicious Buttery Weaver popcorn is the taste.  Packed with 36 packs of popcorn per case.  Each pack contains the pre-measured ingredients of coconut oil, buttery flavored salt, and 4 oz of popcorn to make great theater tasting popcorn with each popping.  And with the aroma each popping makes, you will think that you are in a movie theater.

Orig.: $27.35
Sale: $25.35

5 Count Packets of 4oz Pop Weaver Naks Pak Popcorn

Pop Weaver Portion Pak Fun Pop Popcorn..... Packed 5 packets per box for 4 oz Popcorn Kettles.  Great for home parties and small gatherings.  Pre-measured coconut oil, buttery flavored salt, and popcorn.  Get that buttery taste popcorn that the Weaver Naks Pak Popcorn are known for.

Free Shipping

Orig.: $19.97
Sale: $16.97

Rojos 4 oz. Portion Pack Popcorn - 24 Pack
These Rojos handy popcorn portion packs have pre-measured amounts of popcorn, seasoning salt, and coconut oil for perfect, theater-quality popcorn every time. Simply cut-off the top and put the contents into your heated kettle for hassle-free popping. No measuring, No mess, No clean-up. There are 24 portion packs in each case
Designed for home or commercial use in 4 oz. poppers, or a 3qt sauce pan, or a stove top popper.  
Call 757-473-8951 for bulk shipping rates

Orig.: $15.97
Sale: $14.47

Popcorn Starter Kit for 6 oz. Kettle

New at Standard Concession Supply...Popcorn Starter Kits...everything you need to get started popping popcorn with your new popcorn machine.  Also great to have on hand for everyday use in your home theater room to keep your home theater popcorn machine popping.  This Popcorn Starter Kit is for Popcorn Machines with 6 oz. Kettles.

  • 24 pre-measured popcorn portion packs
  • 100 - one ounce paper clown bags
  • 1 - plastic scoop
  • 1- corn measure
  • 1 - oil measure

Orig.: $35.99
Sale: $32.99

Great Western Premium 6 oz Portion Pack Popcorn with Coconut Oil

Great Western Portion Pack Popcorn 36 Count for 6 oz Kettle.  These Pre-measured portion pack popcorn is designed for 6 oz kettle popcorn machines or 6 quart popcorn poppers  No more mess measuring popcorn ingredients for your kettle.  This packet is easy to pour right into your popcorn kettle as the packet contains the exact amount of oil, popcorn, and buttery salt to pop great tasting movie theater style of popcorn for a six ounce kettle. 


Rojos 8 oz Portion Pack Popcorn with Sunflower Oil

Popcorn Packs with Sunflower Oil for 6 or 8 oz Popcorn Kettles.  Healthy popcorn oil in a complete Popcorn Making Kit.  This Tri-Pak packaging includes sunflower oil, popcorn salt, and popcorn all in individual separate areas.  You will enjoy high expansion popping ratio(40:1 Volume or Better) for increased profits or home enjoyment.  Rojos gourmet popcorn provides great taste, smell, and repeat sales.  24/8 oz Packets of Popcorn Per Case.

Call 757-473-8951 for bulk shipping rates.


Popcorn Starter Kit for 8 oz. Kettle

8 oz Popcorn Starter Kits...everything you need to get started popping popcorn with your new 8 oz. popcorn machine.  Also great to have on hand for everyday use in your home theater room to keep your home theater popcorn machine popping.  Order two to always have a backup on hand for the big parties.

This Popcorn Starter Kit is for Popcorn Machines with 8 oz. Kettles.

  • 24 pre-measured popcorn portion packs
  • 100 - one ounce paper clown bags
  • 1 - plastic scoop
  • 1- corn measure
  • 1 - oil measure

Orig.: $38.99
Sale: $36.99

Dual Pak Popcorn for 6 or 8-ounce Kettle

The Great Western 8-ounce Dual Pak will work great in a six or eight-ounce kettle.  This case cantains 24 packets of pre-measured eight-ounce popcorn, coconut oil, and buttery flavored salt  ... very easy to use!  The oil, popcorn, and salt is the same that is served in many movie theatres in the United States.  Creates a wonderful aroma, and will attract customers like a magnet.

Call 757-473-8951 for bulk shipping rates.

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Dual Pack 8 oz. Popcorn - No Salt

Dual Pack 8 oz. Popcorn - No Salt.  Now we have popcorn dual pack for those who can not or do no want any salt intake.  Case pack of 24 count popcorn.


Benchmark USA 8 oz Portion Pak Popcorn

Benchmark USA Portion Dual Compartment Popcorn.  You have popcorn and seasoning salt on one side, and coconut popcorn oil on the other side.  This convenient popcorn pack is pre-measured to make great tasting popcorn for 6 or 8 oz popcorn machines.  No measuring. No mess. Just great popcorn!

Call 757-473-8951 for bulk shipping rates.


Pop Weaver Naks Popcorn Pak for 8 Oz Kettles

Pop Weaver Naks Pak with Coconut oil for 8 oz Kettle Popcorn Machinss. Packed 24 pre-measured packets per case.  Includes oil, popcorn, and buttery flavored salt. Includes a great buttery flavored mix in the coconut oil. Creates a sensational popcorn aroma.

Call 757-473-8951 for bulk shipping rates.


Dual Pak Popcorn for 12 oz Kettle

Case of 12 oz. Dual Pak Popcorn.  Easy to use Premeasured Packets that contains coconut oil, corn, and salt.  Convenience, quality, ease of handling, yield and inventory control are the features you can expect from Great Western dual pack portion control packaging. This attractive portion control packet has everything to pop perfect popcorn every time

24 packs per case to be used in a popcorn machine with a 12 oz. popcorn machine kettle.  Now Pareve Certified Kosher.


Suglo 35oz. Season-It-Popcorn Salt

Sunglo Popcorn Salt is a highly refined and concentrated salt. (Previously Season-it Salt)  Season-it adds just the right amount of buttery flavoring to your popcorn.  Add Sunglo in the kettle at the same time you pour in the popcorn and oil.  Packaged here in an 35 oz or 1 quart container.  Great taste and produces a great aroma.  Once you try it, you will never want to make popcorn again without a buttery flavored salt.  Popcorn eating will never be the same! 


Kernel Season's 32 oz Popcorn Seasoning Jar

New...delicious and high quality Kernel Seasons popcorn seasoning in a 32 oz jar.  We feature here 3 different flavors that include White Cheddar, Nacho, and Ranch.


8" 1-Ounce Popcorn Bags

Case of 1-Ounce Popcorn Bags.  1000 count per case. Great for businesses and churches who are giving out popcorn for good will and promotions.  Also great for groups who are serving or selling to children and for home birthday parties.  Great size for rental stores.


50 Count 1-ounce Popcorn Bags

Need a smaller quanity of popcorn bags?  Here's your solution.  Bundle of 50 one-ounce popcorn bags.  Great for birthday parties or business give-a-ways.


10" 1.5 -Ounce Popcorn Bags

10" Popcorn Bags that hold 1.5 ounces of popcorn. 1000 count.


47 E Popcorn Scoop Box (25)

Bundle of 25 attractive 1.25 ounce popcorn scoop boxes.  Cool way to serve popcorn at any party or movie or game night!  No dishes to clean up after the party! These popular red and white striped boxes are both festive and functional. Constructed of heavy gauge card stock, they’re sturdy enough to scoop popcorn straight from the popper and then stand on their own for easy enjoyment


Movie Theme Pop Up Popcorn Box

Movie Theater Themed Pop Up Popcorn Boxes - 10 Count.  Very colorful .75 oz popcorn boxes that arrive folded flat, but pop open as you squeeze them from the sides.  You will feel like you're at the movies no matter where you are when you have your popcorn in these boxes.  Each package ordered includes 10 individual serving popcorn boxes.  Enjoy the movie!

Orig.: $3.05
Sale: $2.29

44 E Scoop Boxes By The Case

Our kid size .74 oz sccop popcorn boxes are now available by by the case.  Great box to use for any children's party or event.  Easy and fun to use and set-up for any party.  Just scoop and  fill the boxes with popcorn and then hand one out to each child at your function.  Packed 500 boxes per case.


Case of 48E Scoop Popcorn Boxes

Case of 500 count 1.75 oz. open top scoop popcorn boxes.

Use the "scoop" style cartons with the open tops for fast fill and serve. All are shipped nested, to form a very compact shipping case for space savings. A walking billboard for popcorn to help increase impulse sales.


25 3E Closed Top Popcorn Box

25 beautifully designed 3E Popcorn Boxes that can be closed at the top.  Holds 1.25 Ounces of Popcorn.


Case of 3E Popcorn Boxes

Case of 500 Count 1.25 oz Popcorn Boxes.

Closed top box of 500 count.  Great item if you need to pre-packaged your popcorn for busy events, hawking, or serving fresh at your concession stand.


3.5 B Popcorn Box

Exciting new Fun at the Fair Popcorn Box.  Colorful and attractive 3.5 B Popcorn Box that holds 1.8 oz. of popcorn.  Box folds at the top to help keep in freshness and assists in storing the pre-packaged popped popcorn.  Realistic design will definitely attract more customers.  Packed 500 Boxes per case.


Case of 8E Jumbo Closed Top Popcorn Box

New at Standard Concession Supply....The Jumbo 6 oz 8E Popcorn Box.  Great box for the entire family or big popcorn eater to enjoy on the midway, in the movie theater, or at the ballgame or racetrack.  Great profit maker....you can sell this box for $5.00 or $6.00

These popcorn boxes have an attractive red & white design.  Remember popcorn always sells better in boxes  Fold top box.


Plastic Popcorn Scoop

Red plastic scoop not only great for filling your popcorn container, but also for sifting away the seeds from the popcorn.


Small Plastic Popcorn Box

Plastic Popcorn Scoop Box. We now have it all at Standard Concession Supply....is it paper or plastic?  If paper popcorn boxes are not your thing, and your looking to upgrade your popcorn containers, then these plastic scoop boxes are what you are looking for. They are durable and sturdy. This plastic popcorn scoop bowl is nostalgic design like years gone by.  Great for movie night or social parties.  Use it for popcorn or caramel corn.  Holds 1 oz . of an ounce of popped popcorn.

For other plastic popcorn scoop boxes and bowls, go to Popcorn Bowls.

Orig.: $2.49
Sale: $1.87

85 oz Popcorn Bucket

Enjoy your popcorn in these beautifully printed 85 oz popcorn tubs.  Come in a box of 50. Normal price is $38.00, on SALE now for $25.70!

They will not leak when buttery topping is used.  Great item to be used with our buttery topping warmer listed above.

Orig.: $38.00
Sale: $27.70

85 oz Popcorn Tubs 300 Count

New Design 85 oz Popcorn Tubs.  Very attractive designed popcorn tubs that will grab the attention of customers everywhere you are.....festivals, fairs, movie theaters, and even wonderful for home theaters.  Eye catching graphics featuring popping popcorn.



Looking for Popcorn Machines and Carts?  Visit our Popcorn Machines store.



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