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Below you will  find our featured plastic popcorn bowls in three different sizes - for what ever your need is.  We have small, medium, and large plastic popcorn bowls.  Some people refer to our plastic popcorn bowls as plastic popcorn scoop boxes as well.  What a great way to serve popcorn at a party, home theater, convention, car dealership, entertaining event, or carnival.  Endless ideas for the use of these novelty popcorn containers. For birthday and Holidays, you can fill the medium and large bowls with different gift type items.  


And back in stock, we now have enamelware metal popcorn bowls.

"St. Ann's Church in the Bronx here...We recently ordered two Plastic Popcorn Scoop Boxes...We received the order last week and are very pleased with them...Thanks for the order!"  Elder Ricardo

Concerning the small and medium melanie bowls, "Thank you so much for your assistance.  I absolutely LOVE the items.  They are just too fun and are absolutely exactly what I am looking for.  I look forward to doing business with you in the future."  Lorri Dyess, TX Dec 2011

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Mini Plastic Popcorn Bowl

New at Standard Concession Suppy....Mini Plastic Popcorn Bowl.  Our new plastic fun popcorn container evokes the fun of the movies.  Red and white vintage stripes make a fun addition to any movie night. This popcorn box is small, making it ideal for individual portions of popcorn. Great Children's Popcorn Bowl.  Economically priced.  3 3/4" at the top and 3 1/4" across the bottom.

Orig.: $1.40
Sale: $1.30

Buttery Popcorn Bowls

Buttery Popcorn Bowls.  This popcorn bowl is made of a very durable melamine material.  Great for popcorn with buttery topping or without.  Dishwasher safe, and easy to clean.  This popcorn bowl is made in the shape of popcorn kernel giving it a fun and unique shape and look.  Children will have lots of fun eating popcorn out of this popcorn bowl!  Great for serving chips and other snacks.  Grab some for this Summer  when the kids are home from school!
Bowl dimensions: 5" in diameter and 2 1/2" tall.


Small Plastic Red and White Popcorn Box

7.5 Inch plastic red and white popcorn scoop box.  This plastic popcorn scoop bowl is nostalgic design like years gone by.  This plastic popcorn box resembles the cardboard popcorn containers of year's past, only these are made of durble plastic to be reused over and over  Great for movie night or social parties.  Use it for popcorn or caramel corn.  Holds 3/4 oz of an ounce of unpopped popcorn.  If you are looking for our disposable paper popcorn scoop boxes, go to popcorn supplies.

Orig.: $2.87
Sale: $1.87

Red Enamelware Popcorn Bowl

An old favorite has returned back...Enamelware popcorn bowl.   Old fashioned looking red enamel popcorn bowl can be used for various functions including movie nights, gift items, and more.   The perfect bowl when eating Popcorn! 10" Enamelwear bowl is easy to clean and is large enough to fill for the whole family.

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Medium Weight Jumbo Plastic Popcorn Bowl

Retro Medium weight Jumbo Plastic Popcorn Bowl.  Red and white stripes with the word popcorn featured on this nostalgic designed popcorn bowl. Great for gift baskets, convention item, or for home parties.  Has a classic movie theatre look.

Stands 8" high and 7.5 " x 7.5" wide at the top and 5" x  5" wide at the bottom.

Winter Sale: Only $2.77 Each

Orig.: $4.27
Sale: $2.77

Squat Plastic Popcorn Bowl

New at Standard Concession Supply...Squat plastic popcorn bowl.  Great popcorn bowl for parties and movie nights.  Popcorn bowl is 9 3/4 inches in diameter.

Orig.: $2.29
Sale: $1.99

Medium Plastic Popcorn Bowl.

Medium Size Plastic Popcorn Bowl.  An old favorite is back, this red and white striped plastic bowl is constructed of durable plastic.  Great plastic popcorn box for movie nights, gift boxes, or for a decorative setting. 

  • 8 inches tall and 4 by 4 square at the top.
  • Holds 5 cups of popped corn
  • Hand wash only, not for use in microwave.

Orig.: $2.97
Sale: $2.77

Large Plastic Popcorn Bowl

For the real hungry popcorn eater!  Large red and white plastic popcorn bowl holds 8.5 ounces of popped popcorn.  Great for movie night or late night parties.  Keep the munchies coming.  This large plastic popcorn container is 10 inches tall by 8 inches square.  Popcorn bowl is dishwasher safe.  Can be used for popcorn or caramel corn.  Super item when used as a container for hand made gifts or gift baskets.

Orig.: $7.69
Sale: $6.99

Light Weight Large Plastic Popcorn Bowl

Large Plastic Popcorn Bowl with Popcorn Logo.  This Large Plastic Popcorn Bowl is made with a lighter weight plastic material.  It is much more flexible than the large bowl featured above which is a durable hard plastic container.  Old Fashioned red and white design with red and white popcorn logo on all the sides.


32 oz. Plastic Popcorn Container

New 32 oz Popcorn Bowl.  Colorful popcorn container will liven up any party.  Grab several bowls to have one for each member in your family.  Decorated with a fun popcorn theme.  Stain-resistant plastic is durable for repeated use. Dishwasher safe. Holds 1 quart of popped popcorn.

Orig.: $2.99
Sale: $2.39

3 Qt Plastic Theater Style Popcorn Bucket

Colorful and attractive 3 Qt Movie Time Plastic Popcorn Bucket.  Experience enjoying popcorn just like if you were at the movie theater.  Make family movie time fun with this theater-style popcorn bucket!  This bucket bucket is made from a durable plastic material, and can be used for repeated use and is dishwasher safe.


3 Qt. Movie Theater Style Popcorn Bowl

Bright Yellow/Orange very attractive Movie Theater Design Popcorn Bowl.  Three Qt. popcorn bowl will hold sufficient popcorn for 1 to 2 people.  7" tall x 6.5" diameter at top of bucket.

Great for all your movie get togethers.

Orig.: $2.89
Sale: $2.09

Westbend 7 Quart Popcorn Bowl

Jumbo 7 Quart Plastic Popcorn Bowl.  Super size your popcorn bowl needs.  Decorated with a fun popcorn theme.  Popcorn bucket is perfect for serving the whole family popcorn for movie night.  Great for creating gifts and door prizes from.  Dishwasher safe and stain resistant.   Plastic is durable enough for repeated use.

Dimensions: 8.5" tall x 9.75" diameter at top of bucket.


Large Plastic Popcorn Bucket-Red and White

At Standard Concession Supply, we now feature a family size large plastic popcorn bucket.  The colors of the bowl are Red and White.  Popcorn Bowl has a bottom insert that filters out un-popped popcorn kernels!  Bring that theater feeling right into your own home.

Dimensions are 8.25 inches tall by 9.25 inches wide at opening.  Dishwasher safe.

Available in red or yellow striped.

Orig.: $7.97
Sale: $6.97

Red and White Popcorn Bucket-Small

Small Red and White Plastic Popcorn Bucket.  Perfect sized popcorn bowl for children.  Also great to use for smaller portions of popcorn for adults.  Inside filter to sort out popcorn seeds from the popped popcorn.  Makes popcorn eating more pleasureable and fun!  Dishwasher safe.  Measures 4.5 inches tall, 5.25 inches wide at opening.

Orig.: $5.87
Sale: $4.97

Fun at the Fair Popcorn Bucket

Fun at The Fair Popcorn Buckets.  New at Standard Concession Supply.  Very attractive fair or canival theme 48 oz Popcorn Buckets with snap on lids are optional.  Lids are 10 cents a piece..  With decorative fun image on bucket, can also be used for nachos, donuts, cotton candy, caramel corn, fries, or tafffy. Packed 160 per case.


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