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Hanukkah Inflatables


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Hanukkah 2016 First Night December 24


Hanukkah Inflatables


Hanukkah Brown Bear With Star Inflatable

New Hanukkah Inflatable for 2016...Large Brown Hanukkah Bear Holding Star Of David.  This very adorable and handsome Brown Hanukkah Bear decked out with his Yamaka will be the talk of all your Hanukkah Celebrations. This Hanukkah Bear Inflatable stands 7.5 Feet Tall and lights up for a glowing night time display.

Orig.: $74.97
Sale: $57.97

Large Hanukkah Blue Dreidel Inflatable

New Hanukkah Decoration...Very Adorable Blue Driedel Inflatable.  Celebrate Hanukkah with the Family this year with this Blue Hanukkah Vinyl Dreidel.  Stands almost 2 feet tall.  Does not inflate by motor.  Guaranteed to generate some festive smiles.


Jumbo Dreidel Chanukah Inflatable

Supersize your Chanukah Decorating with the New 2016 8 Foot Chanukah Inflatable.  This awesome looking blow-up Dreidel decoration is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use so you can either brighten your home school, or shul, or bring the Holiday of Lights to the streets.  Make a statement this Hanukkah 2016 with the new Jumbo Dreidel Inflatable.

Orig.: $129.00
Sale: $109.00

24" Lighted Chenille Bear with Dreidel Outdoor Hanukkah Yard Art Decoration

Let this very adorable 2 foot Chenille Hanukkah Bear decoration be a part of your 2016 Hanukkah Indoor or Outdoor Decorations. Pre-Lit with 60 clear lights.


7 Footed Lighted Hanukkah Menorah Inflatabe

Back for 2016....Delight your guest with this beautiful lighted Menorah Inflatable.  Each candle in the Menorah features internal lighting that will brighten up your yard or home to help celebrate Hanukkah.  Bring the Holiday Of Lights to your yard, school, or shul. Great for indoor or outdoor use to brighten your Hanukkah celebrations!  Stands 7 feet  tall.

Orig.: $199.00
Sale: $129.00

Hanukkah Polar Bear Yard Art Decoration

New Decoration for Hanukkah 2017.... 5 Foot Polar Bears Holding Happy Hanukkah Sign. These two polar bears wishing all Happy Hanukkah will light up the festival nights with internal lighting.  This adorable Hanukkah Decoration is 5 feet wide. Will be favorite with young and old alike.

Orig.: $129.97
Sale: $99.97

Dalmation Puppy Dog Hanukkah Inflatable

7 Foot Hanukkah Dalmatian Puppy Inflatable.  Celebrate Hanukkah with our adorable eye catching 7 foot tall Dalmatian Puppy wearing a Yamakkah and holding the Jewish Star Hanukkah Yard Inflatable!   The inflatable with bring holiday cheer to the neighborhood.  Self inflates and easily sets up in seconds with the included heavy-duty fan, yard stakes, and stand and tethers.  Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.  Create a glowing night time display with the included internal lighting.  Made of high quality durable nylon.

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3.5 Foot Hanukkah Menorah Inflatable

New for 2016...3.5 Foot Menorah Hanukkah Inflatable.  Wish all your guests Happy Hanukkah with this Menorah style Inflatable with the Star of David.  This Gemmy Hanukkah Inflatable stands 3.5 feet tall and lights up with LED lighting.


6 Foot Jewish Snowman Hanukkah Inflatable

Back for 2016....Large Snowman Holding Dreidel and Menorah Hanukkah Airblown.  Grab this very limited edition Hanukkah Snowman today.   This good looking snowman is ready to help celebrate the festival of lights. And with internal lighting, this Chanukah Snowman inflatable will help light up all your Hanukkah nights!  This Hanukkah Inflatable stands 6 feet tall.

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7 Foot Hanukkah Bear Inflatable

Celebrate Hanukkah with this Large Heartwarming and Lovable Hanukkah Bear holding a Dreidel Inflatable.  All guests, family, and friends will admire this Bear and can reflect on the meaning and significance of Hanukkah.  Approximately 7 foot tall Airblown Inflatable!  

  • Comes with a powerful blower to inflate the Airblown and keep it inflated.
  • Internal lights create a glowing night-time display.
  • Tough light-weight nylon is weatherproof and fade-resistant.
  • Stakes and tethers, Spare bulb & fuse and complete instructions are included

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Orig.: $74.97
Sale: $64.97

Hanukkah Snowman Holding Banner Hanukkah Inflatable

Back for Hanukkah 2016....Large 7 feet Hanukkah Snowman Inflatable Holding a banner wishing everyone Happy Hanukkah.  Brighten up the Hanukkah Season with this adorable Hanukkah Snowman featuring him wearing a Yamakkah and holding a Banner Greeting.  This Snowman is definitely ready for Hanukkah and is ready to wish Hanukkah greetings to your visitors or neighbors.

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Orig.: $74.97
Sale: $57.97

Dreidel Light Up Hanukkah Sign

New Dreidel Light Up Hanukkah Decoration.   Celebrate the Hunukkah Festival Season with this Colorful Lighted Dreidel Sign.  You will greet all your visitors with one of the Joyous Symbols of Hanukkah.  Grab one today!

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Airblown Bear with Menorah Hanukkah Inflatable

New for Hanukkah 2016....6 Foot Tall Hanukkah Bear with Menorah Inflatable.  Adorable and heartwarming Bear will help highlight the joy of the Hanukkah Season.  Are you hosting a party this Hanukkah, are you preparing your child's class party, this "Chanukah bear holding the Menorah" will be the highlight of it all.

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Orig.: $139.97
Sale: $129.97

Star of David Hanukkah Decoration

Back for 2017.....Star of David Hanukkah Decoration.  This Beautiful Star of David Lighted Hanukkah Decoration will brightly light up the night with 50 imbedded UL listed lights.  This 36" Star will be a great way to commemorate and celebrate the Hanukkah Season.  The Decoration can be used outdoors or indoors.


Hanukkah Brown Bear Holding Dreidel Inflatable

New  Hanukkah Inflatable back for 2016....Adorable Large Hanukkah Brown Bear Holding A Dreidel.  7 foot Attractive Hanukkah Bear will grab the attention of all your visitors and guests and will add to the joy of your Hanukkah celebrations. Hanukkah starts at sundown on Saturday December 24, 2015...so grab your Hanukkah Decorations today!

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Hanukkah String Light Set

New for Hanukkah 2016....Hanukkah String Light Set.  Bright and colorful lights to celebrate the Festival of Lights.  Multi use light set from window decor, to door mantle, to stair rail, to lighting up your children's bedroom.  10 lights including Stars of David, Dreidels and Menorahs. 12 Feet long. Can be extended by connecting 1 set to another. Now Battery Operated, no extension cords needed. 

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Orig.: $27.47
Sale: $23.47

Hanukkah Wreath

This Hanukkah Wreath is a perfect gift for all those celebrating the holiday season. The Hanukkah wreath is handcrafted of Balsam Fir and decorated with silver tipped pine-cones, white holly berries, reindeer moss,  silver holly, and a blue bow.  This Wreath is the perfect gift for Hanukkah!  Click on the link above for more details, and beautiful enhanced photo!


24" Balsam Blueberry Wreath

The Blueberry Wreath, inspired by the blueberry fields of Maine, is perfect for Hanukkah and blueberry lovers alike. The Blueberry wreath is handcrafted of Balsam Fir and decorated blueberries, pinecones, white holly berries, and reindeer moss, berries, pinecones, white holly berries, and reindeer moss.