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 Christmas Inflatables 

Holiday Inflatables and Fun Yard Decor

Looking to for a quick and easy way to decorate your yard for this Christmas Season?  Then Christmas Airblown Inflatables are for you. Here you will find one of the largest online selection of Christmas Inflatables and Outdoor Christmas Yard Decorations for 2016.  Among the most popular items for Christmas yard decorations are the nylon airblown Christmas inflatables. These fun and jolly Christmas Inflatables light up for night viewing, and they can be big: some can stand up to 16 feet tall!  And Standard Concession Supply features a large selection of the very popular Minion, Snoopy, Frozen, and Disney Mickey Mouse Christmas Inflatables!   Bookmark this page and tell your Friends about all our fun Outdoor Christmas Inflatables and Lawn Decorations. Most of our inflatables are Gemmy Christmas inflatables.

We also feature a great selection of Harvest and Thanksgiving  and  Hanukkah  Inflatables and Holiday Yard Decorations.


Christmas Inflatables also make great Birthday and Christmas Gift Items!

What our customers are saying: "Thank you for sending it so fast!   We got it ( Nativity Inflatable) today and its already up!!  Thank you again and Merry Christmas!!"  Karri Pritchard,TX 

I want to say thank you for shipping this(Santa Train Inflatable) so quickly to us, I am very impressed and thankful.  For sure, we are going to buy more items from you.  Naira Guimaraes, FL

See other new 2015 and 2014 Christmas Inflatables by clicking here.....many new and exciting models from the Movie Frozen as well as many other styles.


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Please send us your Christmas and Holiday Inflatable photos or videos from last year or this year at funfoods@cox.net, with some comments if you would like, and we will post them to our site to let others see your great looking Christmas and other Holiday Inflatables.  Youtube imbedded code would be great for videos. 


Minion Christmas Inflatables




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Animated Santa Sleigh with Elves Christmas Inflatable

Back for 2016....Santa and his pit crew elves are featured in this new Animated Gemmy Christmas Yard Inflatable.  Here we have two elves using their their tools as they jack Santa's sleigh up and down.  This Santa Sleigh inflatable stands 5.50 feet tall and six feet wide.  Be the hit of neighborhood with all the kids!  Great animation and fun!

Orig.: $129.97
Sale: $119.97

Minion Carl in Santa Hat Christmas Airblown

From the Summer 2015 Blockbuster.......Minion Carl from the Minion Movie.  Add some fun and humor to your Christmas decorations this year.  Kids will love this adorable Minion Inflatable in your yard this Christmas 2015!  This Gemmy Christmas inflatable is 4 feet tall.


Santa and Dog Scene Christmas Inflatable

Santa and Dog Christmas Eve Scene Inflatable.   Oh Oh...looks like Santa has been apprehended by the household dog.   New 2015 Christmas Inflatable that will add some fun and smiles to your Christmas Outdoor Decorations.  Approximately 5.5 foot wide Christmas Airblown Inflatable.   

  • Comes with a small, but powerful blower to inflate the Airblown and keep it inflated.
  • Internal lights create a glowing night-time display.
  • Tough light-weight nylon is weatherproof and fade-resistant.
  • Stakes and tethers, Spare bulb & fuse and complete instructions are included.

Sold Out


Santa and Penguins Football Scene Inflatable

Hey Football Fans.....This new 2015 Santa Football Scene Christmas Inflatable is for you!  Santa is fitted with his new football uniform and ready to show Mr. Moose how to play some football.  Looks like the two penguins are scared out of their wits with what might happen next.. Have some fun with your holiday decorating this year with this inflatable.  This item can be used indoors or outdoors.  Great fun for all your home parties.... put these characters on the deck or in your yard to welcome everyone to your Christmas party or next football viewing event!  This Gemmy Holiday inflatable extends 6.5 feet wide.


Kaleidoscope Green Tree Holiday Inflatable

Kaleidoscope Green Tree Christmas Inflatable. Add some style and elegance to your Christmas and Holiday Decorating. Dazzle your neighbors with this new beautiful Christmas Tree Inflatable for the 2015 Holiday Season.  It will be the talk of the neighborhood!

Orig.: $94.97
Sale: $79.97

Animated Penguins Ice Fishing Holiday Inflatable

New for 2015.....Animated Penguins Ice Fishing Christmas Airblown Inflatable.  Looks like our Penguin friends has had some luck in their fishing endeavors.   Your guests are sure to enjoy the fish continuously spinning on the fishing line. Colorful and unique five foot wide animated Holiday Gemmy Inflatable.  Wonderful Outdoor Christmas Decoration for all you winter and summer fisherman...and especially those with kids!

Christmas Sale: $74.97

Orig.: $94.97
Sale: $74.97

Military Santa Welcoming Home The Troops Christmas Inflatable

Military Santa Welcome Home Troops Christmas Inflatable.  New Gemmy Christmas Inflatable....Honor the military and welcome home the troops for Christmas with this Military Santa.  Make your son or daughter or neighbor proud with this welcoming Santa.  Will create lasting memories.  This Santa stands 7 feet tall and will make a great statement.


Santa Goes To Hollywood Christmas Inflatable

New Gemmy Christmas Inflatable for 2015....Santa Goes to Hollywood in his new Limo.  Supersize your Holiday Decorating  with this Hollywood theme inflatable where Santa has grabbed Mrs. Claus and friends and got a limo to do sight seeing in Hollywood.  This fun time Christmas Airblown extends out 10 feet long!  Guaranteed to put smiles on the faces of all passersby.


Sold Out


12 Foot Olaf Holiday Inflatable

Olaf is back for Christmas 2016...and this time he has a gotten a lot taller. This handsome looking Olaf stands 12 feet tall and features blue and white kaleidoscope lights and plays an instrumental musical tune "Do You Want To Build a Snowman". This Olaf will be a lot of fun and will grab the attention of neighbors and passersby...all will want to join in on the Holiday Spirit.

Orig.: $169.97
Sale: $159.97

Mr and Mrs. Mouse Roasting Marshmallows Holiday Inflatable

Gemmy 2015 Holiday Inflatable....Mr. and Mrs. Mouse Roasting Marshmallow Projection Scene Inflatable.  This 6 foot wide inflatable features these two adorable mice decked out in their Santa best outfits.  The fire they are roasting marshmallows with lights up with a colorful swirl of moving lights.

Orig.: $89.98
Sale: $79.97

Mickie and Minnie with Globe Panoramic Christmas Scence

New 2015 Christmas Inflatable....Disney Mickey and Minnie Panoramic Christmas Scene.  Cute and adorable Disney scene features a very colorful and creative Holiday Set-up and projects a rotating image that creates an awesome visual display. This Disney Christmas Airblown with Mickie and Minnie with panoramic globe stands 6.50 feet tall over 6 feet wide.  Will be a huge hit with children!

Sold Out

Orig.: $172.97
Sale: $162.97

Minion Stuart Christmas Airblown

Get ready...here comes the Minions for the 2015 Holiday Season.  Let This 3.5 foot cute fellow decked out in a Santa Hat be part of your Holiday decorating and fun.  Stuart is ready to celebrate the Holidays!

Coming back for Christmas 2016....Pre-order today!


Photorealistic Elsa From Disney's Frozen Movie Inflatable

New from Gemmy for Christmas 2015.... Photorealistic Elsa Holiday Inflatable From The Disney's Movie Frozen.   Elsa always ready for winter features realistic graphics like a scene right out of the movie . New technology for 2015...Elsa is a photorealistic silk screen...The back of the inflatable is just white fabric.


Animated Dog In Gift Box Christmas Inflatable

What surely will be one of the most adorable Christmas Inflatables for 2015....And especially with dog lovers everywhere....is This Animated Puppy Dog in a Gift Box from Santa.  Almost 4.5 feet high, this puppy dog pops in and out of the gift box.  He is ready to be a part of your family this Christmas Season.

Out of stock


Animated Dog in Gift Box Christmas Inflatable


Animated Santa Clock Scene Inflatable

One of the more elegant and creative designs for Christmas inflatables in 2015.  With two handsome standing nutcrackers, Santa and the redbird simultaneously pop out of the clock creating a wonderful Christmas scene.  Animated Outdoor Christmas Inflatable extends 5 1/2 feet long by 6 1/2 feet tall.  Tis the season to be joyful and merry!

Selected as the Best Christmas Inflatable for 2015 based on creativity and design.

Sold Out

Orig.: $194.97
Sale: $137.97

Minions Decorating Christmas Tree inflatable

New for Christmas 2015....One Of The Most Anticipated Christmas Inflatables For This Year....The Minions Decorating a Large 10 Foot Christmas Tree.  Our crazy bunch of Minions are ready to celebrate Christmas with their own Minion Christmas Tree topped with with a star with their own Gru Logo. All The Minions are decked out in their Santa hats are ready to celebrate the 2015 Holiday Season with you right in your own front yard. Grab this large inflatable today as they are sure to sell out early.

Sold Out

Orig.: $209.97
Sale: $199.97

Cinderella Kaleidoscope Holiday Inflatable

New projection kaleidoscope Cinderella Holiday Inflatable for 2015.  This Very attractive StoryTale Cinderella will create special magical Christmas memories for your children this joyous season.  This cinderella airblown stands 5 feet tall.  Bring alive the magic of Disney this Holiday Season.


All American Santa Patriotic Christmas Inflatable

For 2015, All American Patriotic Santa Christmas Inflatable.  This Gemmy Inflatable will sure to bring joy and a Patriotic spirit to your outdoor Christmas decorations this year.  Santa has a bald Eagle on his right shoulder and an American flag in his left hand.   This Gemmy Christmas Inflatable stands about 7 feet tall. 

Orig.: $99.97
Sale: $79.97

Stegosaurus Wearing Santa Hat Holiday Airblown

New from Gemmy for 2015....Stegosaurus Wearing Santa Hat Christmas Yard Inflatable Decoration.  Supersize your Christmas Decorating this year with this very large 9.5 foot wide Stegosaurus Inflatable.  The is may not be your Jurasiac World Dinosaur, but this large creature in your yard this Christmas will have the feel of Jurassiac Park.   Great way to add some fun and venture to your 2015 Christmas outdoor decorations!  This Steagosaurus is ready for the Holidays, not only is he decked out in his Santa hat, but he has a string of colorful lights down his back,


Giant Santa with Candy Cane and Gift Christmas Inflatable

New Gemmy Christmas Inflatable for 2015.  This new Christmas Inflatable features a Jolly Ole Santa Standing a whopping 12 feet tall and holding a candy cane and gift package.  Guaranteed to be a hit in the neighborhood and bring some ho ho ho Christmas cheer to those passing by. Large Christmas inflatable extends 6.5 feet long and 12 feet tall.  


Minion Kevin Christmas Airblown

New Christmas Inflatable for 2015.. .Adorable Cute Minion Kevin. Supersize You Holiday Yard Decorating this year with this large 8 Foot Kevin MInion Inflatable. Kevin is ready for the Holiday Season.... with a Candy Cane in his hand and decked out with his new Santa hat.  New inflatable style presented by Gemmy for its 2015 Collection Line.  Children will want to give this Minion a great big hug

Grab this one today to be the first one to have this for the 2015 Holiday Season.  


Photorealistic Santa with Gift Bag Christmas Airblown Inflatable

Photorealistic Santa with Gift Bag Christmas Inflatable.  New Gemmy Technology for their 2015 Christmas Airblown Inflatables.  Santa is a photo realistic silk screen.  A creative realistic image of Santa.with his gift bag.  This inflatable stands 7 feet tall.  This Santa will help your Holiday Season come alive.

Orig.: $109.99
Sale: $79.99

Santa In A Pirate Ship Ship Christmas Inflatable

New Gemmy Christmas Inflatable for 2015. Santa's Pirate Ship Airblown Inflatable.   Santa and his fun loving friends are all decked out in their pirate gear,  and are ready to celebrate a grrrr style Christmas.  Large Holiday inflatable extends out 8 feet long.


Mrs. Claus Christmas Inflatable

New Christmas Inflatable for 2015......7 Foot Mrs. Claus Airblown Inflatable.  Adorable Mrs. Claus with her big smile wishes everyone a hearty Merry Christmas.  So  Share the Christmas Joy with all this Christmas Season with this lovely Mrs. Claus yard inflatable.


12 Foot Santa and Reindeer Stable Christmas Inflatable

New Large 2016 Christmas Inflatable Yard Decoration.....12 Foot Santa with his display of 8 Reindeer in their North Pole Stable.  Super size your Christmas Yard Decorations with this colorful reindeer stable featuring the names of each reindeer on their stable.  Looks like Santa got all 8 of his reindeer together for an important meeting along with his elf.  Great centerpiece item.  Amazing looking Christmas inflatable that will gather a lot of attention from both young and old alike for years to come.

Orig.: $199.97
Sale: $129.97

Snoopy Sled Scene Holiday Inflatable

Snoopy Sled Scene...new fun Peanuts inflatable for 2015. Snoopy has a new sled with Woodstock to bring in the Holiday Season.  And Snoopy is decked out in his new Santa hat.   Our Snoopy here is Lovable and Adorable and is ready to bring some Christmas cheer to all his fans this Christmas Season.  All you Snoopy fans do not want to miss the Santa Snoopy Christmas Inflatable!


Santa Reading to his Reindeer Christmas Ariblown Inflatable

Very Adorable New 2015 Christmas Inflatable.....Santa reading to his young reindeer children a bedtime story.  New Christmas Inflatable that will melt the hearts of young and old everywhere.  Very cute and adorable 6.5 foot wide mix media Santa StoryTime Scene.  This eye catching Christmas blow up with cause lots of oohhs and awwhhs.

Orig.: $164.97
Sale: $149.97

Santa Snoopy Christmas Inflatable

New for Christmas 2015.....Snoopy is a Movie Star this Holiday Season 2015...and Snoopy is all decked up in his Snata Suit and Hat and is ready to celebrate the Holiday Season.  Ho Ho Ho...This lovable Snoopy is standing 3.5 feet high...and is ready to bring some Christmas cheer to your neighborhood this Christmas Season.


Cinderella Castle Projection Kaleidoscope Holiday Inflatable

Wow...Most adorable and romantic Christmas Inflatable....Cinderella's Castle using projection kaleidoscope technology.  Lots of oooohs and ahhhs on this new Gemmy Christmas Inflatable!  This adorable outdoor inflatable scene will delight your holiday guests and neighbors alike.  Almost 5 feet wide and 8 feet tall.  Be the first in your neighborhood to have this very special Christmas Airblown.

Orig.: $139.97
Sale: $119.97

Nutcracker with Drum Christmas Airblown

6 Foot Holiday Nutcracker with Drum Airblown.  This Handsome Nutcracker Drummer is dressed in his best military Uniform ready to bring some Holiday Joy to your yard this festive season.  Nutcrackers are one of the great traditions of the Holiday and Christmas Season.  This attractive looking Nutcracker inflatable stands 6 feet tall.  Lights up for night time illumination. New 2015 Christmas Inflatable.

Sold Out

Orig.: $54.75
Sale: $49.75

Gemmy Elf on a Fireplace Christmas Inflatable

Gemmy Christmas Scout Elf on a Fireplace Inflatable.  For all you Elf  on the Shelf Fans, this is the Elf Christmas Decoration for 2015.  This adorable figure will help brighten up the Holiday Season with this colorful Fireplace Christmas Scene.  This inflatable stands 6.5 feet.

Sold Out


Minion Naughty or Nice Fun Slide Holiday Inflatable

Add some humor and fun to your Christmas decorating this year with this new 2015 Gemmy Christmas Inflatable.  Looks like these Minions are going to enjoy themselves this Holiday Season with this 10 foot long Outdoor Holiday Airblown Inflatable . This Naughty or Nice Slide will be the hit in your neighborhood with both young and old alike.

Out of Stock



Minions Christmas Inflatable

Orig.: $214.00
Sale: $179.00

Santa and Friends Tug of War Christmas Inflatable

Fun new Christmas Inflatable...Santa and Reindeer vs Snowman and Snowman.  Looks like we have a battle royale here. This fun theme Christmas Airblown will have the neighborhood buzzing.  This new colorful 2015 large inflatable extends out 10 feet long.

Out of stock

Santa Tug of War Christmas Inflatable

Orig.: $129.65
Sale: $109.65

St Bernard Christmas Inflatable

New St Bernard Christmas Inflatable.  This handsome St  Bernard Dog Stands 9 feet tall.  And this St Bernard is decked out in his Santa Hat and is ready to wish all Christmas greetings and joy this Christmas 2015 Season!  A must have for all you St Bernard fans.

This Gemmy Airblown Inflatable is approximately 9 feet tall.  Inch for colorful inch, this Airblown St Bernard Inflatable brings maximum party & holiday cheer to the neighborhood.  This Gemmy Inflatable self inflates and includes everything you need to easily set-it-up in minutes.

Sold Out


Animated Snoopy in Plane Inflatable

Snoopy and his new airplane is back for 2015.  Snoopy and Woodstock are flying into town this Christmas, and they are riding in Snoopy's new bi-plane. And they are doing it in fashion with North Pole Airlines. This Christmas Inflatable Plane has an animated propeller.  Over Six and a half foot long Gemmy Air Blown Animated Inflatable.   Self-Inflates in seconds.  Everything included: stakes, tethers and fan.  Easy to set-up and easy to store, simply unplug and deflate.

Sold Out

Orig.: $139.97
Sale: $99.97

Polar Bear and Penguin Holiday Scene Inflatable

Very adorable new 2015 Christmas Polar Bear and Penguins Scene Inflatable.  These 4 cute penguins are having quite a time on the back of this polar bear.  It does look like the Polar Bear in enjoying himself as well.  Each peguin has internal lighting to enhance the night time visuals.  This Gemmy Christmas inflatable extends out 6.5 feet long.

Coming back for Christmas 2016...Pre-order today.


Elf Christmas Airblown Inflatable

New Gemmy Christmas Inflatable for 2015....Large 7 Foot Elf.  This Elf is all decked out in a traditional Santa Northpole Elf costume.  Almost good enough to feature in the Movie Elf.  Add some holiday cheer this Christmas 2015 to your yard decorations with the jolly ole Elf Inflatable.

Orig.: $49.97
Sale: $43.97

Animated Toy Production Line Christmas Airblown

New Animated Northpole Production Line Christmas Inflatable.  Fun Christmas Inflatable that the whole neighborhood will enjoy.  Looks like Santa is has given his elves a little more work than they can handle.  Lighted Gemmy Toy-O-Matic Christmas Inflatable will entertain the children and adults in your neighborhood and in your own family this Christmas and will create some lasting Christmas memories!

To see the rest of our 2014 Christmas Airblown Selection, go over to our 2015 Christmas Inflatables Page

Out of stock


Snoopy Holding Boot Christmas Inflatable

New Inflatable....Very Limited Edition and Rare Peanuts Snoopy Inflatable.  This large Outdoor Snoopy Christmas Inflatable stands 6 feet tall.  Snoopy is holding a Christmas Boot with a candy cane inside the boot.  Snoopy is decked out in his Santa hat and blue scarf.

Orig.: $89.97
Sale: $59.97

Twinkling 8 Foot LED Snowman Inflatable

New Holiday Inflatable for 2015....Twinkle 8 Foot Snowman.  This dapper looking snowman is ready to sparkle and twinkle in your yard this year to help you celebrate the Holiday style and fashion.  This inflatable stands 8 feet high.  This Snowman inflatable lights up and inflates in just seconds.

Sold Out


Reindeer Stable with Santa Christmas Inflatable

Back for 2015.....Santa Presents his new North Pole Stable Christmas Inflatable. Santa has a full display of his reindeer together in this new stable.....Including On Donner, on Comet, On Cupid, On Blitzen.  This Santa Claus inflatable has internal lighting for night display and has a weather resistant design which is great for indoor/outdoor use.  This large Santa Inflatable extends out 11 feet long!

Orig.: $139.95
Sale: $109.95

Christmas Lighted Archway Inflatable

Very Cute and Adorable Gemmy 2015 Lighted Archway Christmas Inflatable.  Darling Christmas scene with two adorable mice under the Candy Cane Arch with a banner greeting Meet Me Under The Mistletoe.  With gift boxes to boot, this archway inflatable stands almost 9 feet tall.

Orig.: $109.97
Sale: $99.97

Snow Couple Christmas Shopping Holiday Inflatable

New Christmas Inflatable....This Gemmy Snow Couple Inflatable features our handsome Snow Man Couple all decked out in their Holiday Best doing some Christmas Shopping.  Looks like they have had some success in their shopping excursion with the bags they are holding in front of the light pole.  This inflatable stands 6 feet tall.

Orig.: $89.97
Sale: $79.97

NEON Snowman and Penguin on Scooter Holiday Inflatable

New design Gemmy Holiday Inflatable back for 2014.....Neon Snowman and a Penguin on a Holiday Scooter.  Looks like our friends are off to do some Holiday partying with a gift to boot.  Our merriment friends feature a sign on their scooter that says "Holidays on the Go!"  This inflatable is over 5 feet long and 5 1/2 feet tall.  There is no internal lighting with this inflatable.  But, this inflatable comes with a spotlight fixture with an LED blacklight that shines on the inflatable to make it glow in the dark.  Can also look great in the daytime! 

Hot Sale: Neon Snowman on Scooter only $79.97!

Orig.: $99.97
Sale: $79.97

Plush Teddy Bear Christmas Inflatable

New Plush Gemmy Mixed Media Plush Teddy Bear Christmas Inflatable.  Bring some ooonhs and ahhhs to your 2015 Christmas Yard Decorations.  This very adorable Teddy Bear holding a candy cane will light up your Christmas Nights and will be the talk of the neighborhood.   Grab this inflatable before this one sells out.  This Teddy Bear Inflatable stands 9 feet high and over 6 feet long.

Orig.: $179.97
Sale: $164.97

Santa Riding Polar Bear Scene Christmas Inflatable

Santa Riding Polar Bear Scene Christmas Inflatable.  Colorful and attractive Santa and his Adorable Bear Christmas Inflatable.  Looks like Santa is having a whoop it up good ole time on his Polar Bear. This Airblown® Inflatable sets up in seconds and inflates to be over 5 ft. wide by 5 ft. tall.

When you’re ready to take your Airblown® Inflatable down, it deflates and stores quickly and easily!  Everything is included: stakes, tethers, internal fan, outdoor speaker, extra bulb and fuse.


Snowman Popping Popcorn Holiday Inflatable

Popcorn Popping Snowman.  This inflatable features our Snowman friend popping up some Christmas cheer for all your Holiday guests.  And the best part, the popcorn machine is animated as it looks like  popcorn really pops inside the popcorn machine!   Children and adults alike will have fun with this playfull scene.  Internal lights will help brighten up the Holiday Season!  Stands over 5 feet tall.

Click on the link above to see the fun video for this inflatable

Christmas Sale: $109.97!

Orig.: $139.97
Sale: $109.97

Mickie and Minnie Cocoa Stand Christmas Inflatable

New Adorable and Heart Warming Disney Mickey and Minnie Christmas Inflatable.  It's getting close to Christmas, and the temperatures are falling, and Mickey has pulled out his Hot Cocoa booth.  And Mickey has made very special cup of hot cocoa for Minnie to warm her heart and for those passing by and for all your holiday guests.  This Darling Christmas inflatable extends over 4 feet long and 6 feet high.


Sold Out

Orig.: $109.97
Sale: $89.97

Rudolph, Santa, and Bumble In Sleigh Christmas Inflatable

One of the more anticipated inflatables for the Christmas Holiday Season.....Rudolph, Santa, and Bumble In Sleigh.  The most famous reindeer of them all is featured here in this eye catching and colorful Christmas Inflatable, and he's brought along Santa and the Bumble!  Bring the beloved Christmas special....Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer to life this Christmas Season.  Kids of all ages will love this one!  Large Christmas Inflatable extends 8 feet wide.

Sold Out

Orig.: $129.97
Sale: $109.97

Colossal Snowman Family Holiday Inflatable

Super size your Holiday Decorating this year with this colossal Snowman Family Inflatable.  This new Gemmy Holiday Inflatable features an adorable and cute Snowman Family wishing all warm Holiday Greetings.  This colossal inflatable stands 6 feet high and is over 9 feet long.  Great inflatable also for businesses to draw attention to their special sales or festivities.

Order this inflatable today and be first to show it off in your neighbor or business.

Orig.: $175.00
Sale: $125.00

Santa In Fire Truck Christmas Inflatable

New Colorful Santa in His New Vintage Firetruck Christmas Inflatable.  Wonderful Christmas Scene as Santa is driving the North Pole Firetruck with his Dalmatian friend on top. This Gemmy Christmas Inflatable extends out 6 feet.  Quick and easy to set up.

Coming back for Christmas 2016...Pre-0rder Today.

Orig.: $129.97
Sale: $109.97

Nativity Inflatable with 3 Kings

New Nativity Inflatable for 2015...with a unique twist...this inflatable includes the three wise kings from afar, bearing gifts for the newborn king.  This Christmas inflatable stands 5 feet tall.  Young and old will adore this one.

Sold Out

Orig.: $99.97
Sale: $89.97

Santa Slide with Friends Christmas Inflatable

New Gemmy Christmas Inflatable....Santa's Slide with Friends Christmas Inflatable.  Looks like Santa is ready to party along with Mr. Snowman and Mr. Penguin.  Santa wants to have some fun for his Christmas Party and he is doing it right with his new large eight and half foot long slide.   Very eye catching and will be a blast for all this Christmas season!  Stands 8 feet tall.  Lights up!

  • Comes with a powerful blower to inflate the Airblown and keep it inflated.
  • Internal lights create a glowing night-time display.
  • Tough light-weight nylon is weatherproof and fade-resistant.
  • Stakes and tethers, Spare bulb & fuse and complete instructions are included

Sold Out

Orig.: $129.97
Sale: $119.97

4 Foot Nutcracker with Drum Holiday Inflatable

New for 2015....4 Foot Nutcracker Soldier Holiday Inflatable with Drum. Theme inflatable from the Nutcracker Musical and Ballet.

Orig.: $39.95
Sale: $27.95

10 Foot Snoopy Inflatable with Woodstock in Christmas Stocking

New Christmas Outdoor Inflatable back for 2015....Hey Snoopy Peanuts Fans.....Supersize your Christmas decorating with the very large 10 foot Snoopy Christmas Inflatable.  Snoopy is featured here holding his buddy Woodstock in a Christmas stocking.  Charles M Schultz licensed product.  Another new exciting inflatable for all you Peanut's Fans!  The most famous beagle of all and his small bird friend are here to wish you a very Merry Christmas.  Celebrate this Christmas with your Peanut friends.

Orig.: $124.97
Sale: $99.97

6 Foot Christmas Nativity Scene Inflatable

Back for 2015....6 Foot Christmas Nativity Scene.  This Christmas Nativity Inflatable has a different design compare to your traditional Nativities.  This Nativity features the Holy Family standing with Mary holding the Baby Jesus.  Traditional Nativities feature the Baby Jesus in a creche with the Holy Couple and others surrounding the creche.  Remember the reason for the season.  Traditional animals included.


Stacked Polar Bears Topping Tree Christmas Inflatable

New Gemmy 2015 Christmas Inflatable....Stacked Polar Bears Holiday Scene.  Very adorable and cute 3 Polar Bears topping the Christmas Tree with a Star.  Put some smiles on the faces of  those who pass by your yard this Holiday Season with this joyful and heartwarming Polar Bear Family Christmas Inflatable.  Create some special memories this Christmas Season with this airblown inflatable that stands 6.5 feet tall.


Santa in a Firetruck with Ladder and Snowman Christmas Inflatable

New Air Character Christmas Inflatable returning for 2015. Santa in a Firetruck with ladder and snowman hitching a ride in the rear fire bucket.  All you folks in fire and other protective services, celebrate the Christmas Season with this nicely designed Santa Firetruck scene in your yard.  Make a statement with this 7 foot long Fireman Santa Airblown Inflatable.  Comes with a strong external blower to inflate the Airblown and keeps it inflated.  Internal lights create a glowing night-time display.

Sold Out


Neon Santa's Sleigh Airblown Christmas Inflatable

Santa has a new look...Santa is riding in a bright Neon Sleigh full of gifts for all the children on his nice list.  This Airblown Santa Christmas Inflatable lights up in amazing colors.  This Gemmy inflatable inflates in just seconds.  This inflatable does not have internal lighting, but includes a spot fixture with an LED Black Light that shines on the Santa Sleigh to make it glow.  This Santa Inflatable will look great in the daytime or night time. This large Sleigh Inflatable is 7 feet long.

Sold Out

Orig.: $119.97
Sale: $99.97

Santa Tuna Fishing Christmas Inflatable

Back for 2015..... Gemmy Santa Fishing For Tuna Christmas Inflatable.    Colorful Large 7 Foot Gemmy Christmas Santa Tuna Boat.  Santa decided to get a Tuna Fishing Boat for 2015.  Wants to try his hand at Tuna Fishing.  This inflatable is animated as the fish rotates back and forth as Santa shows off is catch from the back of the Yuletide Boat! This Santa will be the talk of the nighborhood.  Internal lights will light up the night.  Guranteed hit this Christmas for you fishermen! 

Out of stock

Orig.: $129.97
Sale: $109.97

5 Foot Mickey and Minnie Sled Christmas Inflatable

New Heartwarming and Adorable Christmas Disney Mickey and Minnie on Sled Inflatable.  This adorable Christmas inflatable extends five feet long and is guaranteed to create lots of ahhhhs.  And this inflatable will bring out the maximum Holiday spirit from all those who pass by.  Deck your yard this Christmas Holiday Season with this Disney LED Lighted Family Inflatable.

Sold Out

Orig.: $86.97
Sale: $79.97

Santa in Neon Globe Christmas Inflatable

New Night Glow Christmas Inflatable back for 2014....6 Foot Lighted Christmas Globe Inflatable featuring our Jolly Ole Friend Santa and His Sleigh.  Santa rides his magical sleigh inside this incredible outdoor snow globe.  Snow swirls continuously inside the globe.  This globe lights up in amazing neon colors.  Comes with a black light spotlight to create the neon effects.  Be the first to have this New Neon Santa Globe.  Kids will love this one!

Christmas Sale: Only $119.57

Sold Out

Orig.: $159.57
Sale: $119.57

Siberian Husky Holiday Inflatable

New Air Character Christmas Inflatable for 2015....Beautiful and Elegant Siberian Husky Airblown Inflatable.  This one is for all you Huskie and Dog Lovers.  And one of our most popular inflatables ever.  Supersize your Holiday Decorating with this large 7 Foot Husky Holiday Inflatable.  This huge handsome husky is all decked out for the holidays, and he lights up, and is ready to greet your friends and neighbors.  He will definitely be the attraction in your neighborhood this Holiday Season.

Sold Out

Orig.: $99.97
Sale: $89.97

Captain Santa in His Airplane Christmas Inflatable

Captain Santa and Penguin In Airplane Christmas Inflatable.  New Christmas Inflatable features Santa as a captain of his new airplane with Mr. Penguin Standing By for take-off.  Very adorable Christmas inflatable.  Inflatable is animated as the propeller spins.  Grab this one today and be the hit with the children in the neighborhood!  Great one too for aviation companies and their affiliates.

Easy to set-up and easy to store, simply unplug and deflate.

Orig.: $104.97
Sale: $99.97

Angry Birds Christmas Scene Inflatable.

New Gemmy Inflatable back for Christmas 2015....Angry Birds Christmas Scene Inflatable.  Licensed characters from the Angry Bird Movie ready to celebrate Christmas.  Wow...it is going to be a good Christmas when even the Angry Birds and the Bad Piggies are in the Holiday Spirit!  Salutations "Seasons Greetings" are inscribed into the snowbank.  Large Holiday inflatable that extends 10 feet long.

Orig.: $89.97
Sale: $59.97

Gingerbread Man Eating Contest Christmas Inflatable

What will surely be the most halarious and humorous New Christmas Inflatable for 2013.......Gingerbread Man Eating Contest Scene.  Some have their money on the Polar Bear to win...but we are not so sure as the Penguin can open his month to such lengths and with such passion...we think that Mr. Penguin will be the champion here.  If you are looking for some huge LOL and Hoots and Laughter this Christmas Season, then this 6 foot Gingerbread Man Eating Contest Christmas Inflatable is for you!  Guaranteed to have your visitors, neighbors, and passersby in stitches.

Orig.: $109.98
Sale: $99.97

Colossal 12 Foot Snowman Holiday Inflatable

An old friend has returned back for 2015...Colossal 12 Foot Snowman Holiday Inflatable with Holiday hat and scarf.  Supersize your Holiday and Christmas decorating with this authentic looking snowman.....This snowman has giant smile on his face as he is ready to spread some holiday cheer to all your neighbors and passersby.

Sold Out

Orig.: $99.95
Sale: $89.95

14 Santa Train with Penguins and Presents Christmas Inflatable

All aboard the new Santa Christmas Train.  Santa has gotten a new train this year to deliver a train load of presents along with his trust worthy Penguins assistants. It looks like they are having some fun along the way.  Great centerpiece for your Christmas yard deocorations.  This large train extends out 14 feet.   These cute and adorable penguins will delight all who check out this Christmas Inflatable.  Click on the link above for larger picture.

ChristmasSale: $126.97

Orig.: $146.97
Sale: $126.97

Santa Sleigh with Student Driver Christmas Inflatable

New Gemmy 2015 Christmas Inflatable.  This year add some fun and merriment to your Holiday Decorating with this Santa's Sleigh Wreck Scene.  Santa's reindeer do not look to happy with Santa's Student Driver.  Internal lighting will create a eye-catching night time display.  This inflatable extends out 5.5 feet wide. This the Season to Be Jolly!


Snowman Sleigh Holiday Inflatable

Snowmen Riding Sleigh Holiday Inflatable.  Light up the night with this fun Snowman Sleigh Inflatable.  This airblown Gemmy inflatable features merriment.Dad and child duo decked out in their Holiday garb having a good ole time on their new sled.  For Indoor and outdoor use.

Sold Out


Christmas Carolers Lightshow Inflatable

Coming Back for 2015....Christmas Carolers Christmas Inflatable Lightshow.  A Holiday choir comprising penguins, snowman, and more each holding the song sheets while singing 4 different Christmas songs with a sing along to a synchronized light show!  Wow...what a way to liven up your Christmas Season nights.  Kids of all ages will love to watch the lights dance as these cute characters sing holiday tunes. A remote control allows you to control the lights and volume!  Large inflatable extends out 10 feet long and 10 feet tall.

Click on link above to see video.


Sold Out

Orig.: $209.97
Sale: $189.97

Neon Dancing Santa Christmas Inflatable

New Gemmy Christmas Inflatable....Dancing Neon Santa.  Santa is ready to turn your yard into a dance party.  Santa is decked out in his work out suit and mittens with and is ready for any type of weather conditions.  Santa stands six feet high and lights up in amazing colors.  Self inflates in seconds. Comes with black light spotlight fixture to create the Neon effects.

Click on link above to see video.

Orig.: $139.97
Sale: $79.97

Christmas Cookout Scene Inflatable

New Christmas Inflatable Scene....Christmas Cookout Scene Inflatable.  Snowman and Penguin are having a good time grilling and cooking some fish for their Christmas Dinner.  Fun Good Times Christmas inflatable.  Great way to say Happy Holidays to guests and neighbors.  This bright and colorful large inflatable stands 7 feet tall.

Orig.: $84.99
Sale: $79.99

Santa in Green Holly Copter Christmas Inflatable

Back for 2015...Santa Flying in His New Green Helicopter.  Here we have Santa at the control switch doing his pre-Christmas visitations.  Animated Inflatable extends over 7 feet long.  Official name of Santa's new helicopter is the Ho-Ho Helicopter.  Propeller and rotor spins.

Orig.: $95.97
Sale: $90.97

Santa in Hot Air Balloon Christmas Inflatable

Santa's Hot Air Balloon Inflatable...This time Santa got rid of his sleigh and got himself a colorful Hot Air Balloon.   A great Christmas Inflatable scene to add some humor and fun to your 2016 Christmas yard decorating.  So, let Santa arrive in your yard this Christmas Season in his new helium transportation to greet all your passersby with some Christmas cheer.  This airblown Santa inflatable stands 12 feet tall.

Orig.: $159.97
Sale: $85.97

Cute Elf Standing Next to Stop Sign Christmas Inflatable

Very adorable Elf Christmas Inflatable.  It seems our North Pole Elf did some improvising on the stop sign requesting for Santa to stop at his location.  The cute elf stands 5 feet tall.  Let this Elf Christmas Inflatable add to your Holiday Fun and Merriment!

Hot Christmas Sale:  Only $54.97

Orig.: $89.97
Sale: $54.97

7 Foot Nutcracker Christmas Inflatable

New 7 foot Nutcacker Christmas Soldier.  This fine looking Nutcracker soldier is decked out in his best red coat and black boots.  You can almost hear the famous Nutcracker theme song with this dapper looking Nutcracker.  So decorate in style for the holidays with this new 2014 Nutcracker Inflatable.

Orig.: $69.99
Sale: $65.99

Santa on Lawn Mower Christmas Inflatable

New Gemmy Christmas for 2015...Santa Riding Lawn Mower Christmas Inflatable  Looking to add some fun and humor to your out door Christmas decorating, then this Santa inflatable is for you.  Santa is wearing some cool shades and is ready to celebrate in your yard during this 2015 Christmas Season!

Sold Out


Snowman Family Holiday Inflatable

Back for 2015....Heartwarming and very Adorable Snow Man Family including Snowman Junior Holiday Inflatable.  This darling Inflatable features our Snow Man Family wishing all Holiday Greetings and Junior ready to present a gift.  This snowman family is decked out in their Holiday Garb and ready to celebrate the Holidays with you!   Four foot Holiday Inflatable.

Orig.: $39.97
Sale: $29.97

Snoopy with Woodstock on Moped Scooter Holiday Inflatable

Back for 2015....colorful Gemmy Peanuts Snoopy and Woodstock Christmas Inflatable.....Snoopy and Woodstock are on their new Moped Scooter doing a little Holiday Shopping.  Never seen before design and style Christmas Inflatable.  This inflatable will be the hit of the neighborhood and will bring lots of Christmas cheer and merriment to the neighborhood.    This inflatable is more than 5 feet wide.  A definite inflatable for you Snoopy and Woodstock fans and fun loving Christmas folks!

Orig.: $104.97
Sale: $84.97

Snoopy On His Dog House Scene Inflatable

Snoopy and Woodstock Christmas Scene Inflatable.  After hanging their stockings on Snoopy's famous doghouse, Snoopy and Woodstock are hanging out and waiting for the rest of the Peanuts gang.  Great way to make it a Snoopy Christmas for all you Snoopy fans.  This Snoopy inflatable stands 3.5 feet and features LED lighting.

Orig.: $35.97
Sale: $29.97

2015 Gemmy Airblown Santa Sleigh with Reindeer Christmas Inflatable

New 2015 Santa Sleigh Christmas inflatable.  The official 2015 Santa Sleigh with Reindeer scene Christmas inflatable created by Gemmy.  Great Sleigh Scene for all ages.  This Colossal Santa Sleigh with Santa's famous reindeer would be a great centerpiece for your yard and would be the talk of the neighborhood and your Holiday guests.  Ho Ho Ho! This Christmas Inflatable extends out 16 feet wide.

Sold Out

Orig.: $119.99
Sale: $109.99

Mike from Monster University Holiday Inflatable

New Holiday Inflatable back for 2014....A favorite character of kids everywhere....it is Mike from Monster University.  Our lovable Monster Mike stands 3.5 tall and is ready to bring some Holiday Cheer to your yard, home, or other Holiday location.  Mike is decked out in his two Santa hats atop a nicely wrapped gift.

Orig.: $44.99
Sale: $39.99

16 Foot Colossal Santa Sleigh with 3 Reindeers

New Giant Christmas Inflatable...Super size your Christmas Yard decorations this year with this very large colorful Gemmy Airblown Santa Sleigh with Reindeer.  Be the talk of the neighborhood as everyone will enjoy this Colossal over 16 foot Santa Sleigh Christmas Inflatable.  Great center piece for your Christmas yard decorations.  Lighted Inflatable.  Easy to set up as you just plug it in and watch it inflate and secure it with included accessories.

Coming Back for Christmas 2016...Pre-Order Today.

Orig.: $199.97
Sale: $159.97

Good Ship Kringle Christmas Inflatable

New exciting Christmas Inflatable for 2013...it's the Good Ship Kringle Inflatable.    Let Captain Santa Kringle sail into your yard this Christmas Season with his trusty mate Mr Penguin on Santa's new boat the Good Ship Kringle.  This inflatable will certainly create some lively conversation in the neighborhood and will be a great way to wish Merry Holiday Greetings to guests and passersby alike.  This Ship inflatable lights up and stands five and half feet tall.


Sold Out

Orig.: $84.97
Sale: $79.97

Twelve Foot Snowman with LightSync Christmas Inflatable

Gemmy Snowman with new LightSync technology.  This 12 Foot Singing Snowman will liven up the yard as Mr. Snowman features LightSync, which creates an animated, lighted face that sings 4 Christmas carols.  Never seen before technology in Christmas Inflatables.  You have to see this as our Snowman friend really belts out the songs.  This inflatable will be great fun all Holiday Season!


Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer Christmas Inflatable

Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer In Santa Suit Christmas Inflatable. Back for 2015.  Five and a half foot Christmas inflatable.  Internal Lights will really light up the night with the presence of our famous reindeer friend.  Rudolph boasts a colorful Santa Jacket and Hat.  Hearts will melt with this adorable Rudolph inflatable in your yard this Christmas Season.


Holiday Candy Cane Archway Inflatable

Large Mixed Media Holiday Candy Cane Archway.   Ring in the Holidays this year in style with this entertaining over 10 foot Candy Cane Archway.  The inflatable wil create a grand and cheerful entryway to all your Holiday and Christmas parties. Guests will love this archway featuring two penguins greeting all who enter in your festive and joyful occasions.  So, add some fun and joy to your Christmas and Holiday yard decorations this year!

Orig.: $139.97
Sale: $99.97

Frosty The Snowman in Igloo Scene with Karen and Rabbit

New and unique Gemmy Christmas Inflatable back for 2014.  Everyone's favorite Frosty The Snowman and his friends Karen and Rabbit are having some Holiday fun and they want wish everyone some Holiday cheer.  A fun and jolly inflatable indeed. Kids will love this one. Tis the season to be jolly!   Inflatable has a depth of 5 feet long.

Orig.: $109.97
Sale: $99.97

African American Santa Claus Christmas Inflatable

Back for 2015.... 6.5 Foot African American Santa Clause Christmas Inflatable.  Celebrate the Christmas Season with this Large Jolly Ole almost 7 Foot Inflatable Santa with his arms extended and bag full of gifts ready to greet all your visitors with some big HO HO HO's.  Grab one today.

Orig.: $64.95
Sale: $44.95

The Avengers Christmas Inflatable

The Avenger Christmas Inflatable Back for 2015.....Super-size your Christmas decorations with our six foot tall uniquely designed Marvel Licensed Avenger's Holiday Inflatable.   Marvel comics fans will appreciate this amazing inflatable Avengers scene featuring Captain America, Iron Man, and The Hulk. This colorful inflatable will bring maximum party & holiday cheer to the neighborhood.  Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.  Create a glowing night-time display with the included internal lighting.

Orig.: $124.97
Sale: $109.97

9 Foot Santa on Sleigh with Two Reindeer Christmas Inflatable

Large 9 Foot Santa on Sleigh Christmas Inflatable.  New Christmas Inflatable to brighten up your yard and your neighbors as they pass by.  Santa is ready to show off his new sleigh in your yard this year.  Internal lights to present a glowing night time display.   Ho Ho Ho!

Orig.: $169.97
Sale: $129.97

10 Foot Mickey Mouse with Gift Christmas Airblown

Beloved Disney Character 10 Foot Mickey Holding a Christmas Gift Inflatable  Supersize your Christmas Yard Decorating with this large Disney 10 Foot Mickey Mouse with Christmas Present Inflatable.  This new adorable Mickey will be the hit of the neighborhood.  The Giant Disney Character Christmas Inflatable with add a huge wow factor to your outdoor holiday decor.

Orig.: $109.97
Sale: $99.97

12 Foot Santa Christmas Train Inflatable

All aboard Santa's Colorful and Uniquely Designed 12 Foot Christmas Train Inflatable.  Great centerpiece for your yard. Santa is extended out side the train and is greeting all who pass by.  Santa's Large Northpole Railway Train is full of Christmas fun and goodies. This will definitely will be a fun decoration this Christmas 2015!

Sold Out


Spider Man on Chimney Christmas Inflatable

Back for 2015....Spider-Man Sitting on chimney Christmas Inflatable. Let this web-slinger Spiderman entertain your guests and visitors this Christmas Season.  This marvel licensed product stands 3.5 feet.  A must have Holiday Inflatable for you Spiderman Fans.   Everything included for easy set-up.

Orig.: $39.77
Sale: $37.97

Monster University Sully Christmas Inflatable

Back for Christmas 2015....It's Sully from Monsters University Movie.  This Disney licensed character will be a hit with the children of the neighborhood this Christmas Season.  Our Blue Monsters University friend stands 3.5 feet tall and is holding a green candy cane.  Comes with a small, but powerful blower to inflate the Airblown and keep it inflated.  Internal lights create a glowing night-time display.


6 Foot Olaf with Candy Cane Christmas Inflatable

Kids Favorite Character from the Movie Frozen.....Olaf Snowman Holiday Inflatable.  Let this lovable and cheerful looking Olaf Snowman brighten you up your Holiday Season.  He stands six feet tall and is holding a candy cane with mix media material.

Christmas Special: $59.97

Orig.: $89.97
Sale: $59.97

Animated Santa and Reindeer Snowball Scene Inflatable

Animated Santa Snowball Throwing Scene Christmas inflatable.  Looks like the Reindeer volunteered for something he might regret later.  Fun Holiday Inflatable that is 7.5 wide and 5.5 feet tall.

Orig.: $149.99
Sale: $104.99

7 Foot Snowman Holiday Inflatable

7 Foot Snowman Holiday Inflatable

Lights Up!  Let the Holiday Season begin.. New 2015 Seven Foot Handsome Snowman Christmas Inflatable.  This snowman is ready to greet and welcome all your Holiday visitors!  Weatherproof!  Inflates in seconds.  Easy set-up.


Minnie Mouse with Gift Christmas Inflatable

New for Christmas 2015.... Adorable Minnie with Gift Christmas Inflatable. Minnie stands 6 feet high and is readly to bring some Holiday cheer and Gift Giving to your Christmas Season.

Sold Out


Mickey Mouse with Gift Christmas Inflatable

New for 2015...Mickey Mouse holding a Gift Box Christmas Inflatable.  Very adorable 6 foot Mickey all decked with his Santa hat and holiday colors will be a favorite of both children and adults alike.  Mickey has a big smile and ready to greet all you Holiday guests. Easy to set up and decorate for the Holiday Season.  

Out of stock


Frozen Snow Globe Christmas Inflatable

Back for 2016.... This Large Colorful Elegant and Dazzling Christmas Frozen Globe Inflatable will bring lots of joy and smiles to all who pass by your yard decorations this Christmas Season.  Unique and creative Snowglobe featuring Anna, Elsa, and Olaf in this globe.  White/Clear Color LED Lights presents a spectacular night time light show in this Christmas Globe...with the sparkling lights causing swiring snow effects.  The display collapses easily at the end of the season for no-sweat storage and self-inflates in seconds when it is time to show some holiday cheer!   Stands six feet high.  Tis the Season to Decorate!

Orig.: $219.00
Sale: $169.00

7 Foot African American Santa Christmas Inflatable

New 7 Foot African American Santa Waving Christmas Inflatable.  Great Holiday Santa greeter for all your Christmas gatherings and parties.  For indoor or outdoor use. Lights up for a great night time glow.


Santa on Tropical Vacation Christmas Airblow

New for Christmas 2015....Santa on Tropical Vacation Under Palm Tree with Penguin.  Looks like Santa and Mr. Penguin are really enjoying some R&R under the Palm Tree.... feeling some nice tropical breezes. This yard inflatable stands 7 feet tall.  Limited edition of this Tropical Christmas Inflatable..so grab this one today.  This is an Air Characters Inflatable.

Orig.: $99.97
Sale: $79.97

Disney Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto Lightshow Christmas Inflatable

New Disney Lightshow Christmas Inflatable.....Including all our Disney favorites...Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto.  This Airblown inflatables lights up and 4 Christmas carols rotate through out the night entertaining guest and visitors alike. The music is instrumental only. All our famous Disney carolers are all decked out in their Holiday finest and are ready to spread Christmas cheer to all your passersby.

Orig.: $229.97
Sale: $194.97

Pathway Light Markers with Shooting Stars Christmas Decoration

New LED Shooting Star Pathway Markers.  Greet your guest with these brilliant set of 3 shooting star pathway makers.  Bright white lights cascade down each stake like gently falling snow.   Lighted pathway markers are a great way to add a Holiday  touch to your outdoor Christmas décor.  Features; Set of 3 pathway markers featuring a cascading "shooting star" lighting effect.  Stakes easily into the ground.  Connect multiple sets end-to-end. Plugs into standard outlet

Ideal for lighting driveways and walk ways or accenting gardens and landscaping!

Click on the link above to see the Gemmy Video for this product.

One box left of these Pathway Markers.

Orig.: $29.97
Sale: $18.97

Lighted Fuzzy Dog Christmas Yard Decoration

New Christmas Yard Decoration for 2015.....Lighted Fuzzy Dog that is adorable and eyecatching   This very adorable and cute dog is ready for Christmas as he is on his way to the mail box with an important letter for Santa in his mouth. This lighted Fuzzy Dog features UL listed 150 mini lights.  Lighted Dog Christmas Decoration can be used for indoor or outdoor use.  

Sold Out


Fluffy Cat with Candy Christmas Yard Decoration

New  2015 Christmas Yard Decoration....Cute and adorable Fluffy Cat.  This almost 2 foot darling Fluffy Cat is ready to celebrate the Holiday Season with you.  This dapper looking cat is decked out with red Santa hat and scarf. This  Christmas lawn decoration is for indoor and and outdoor use and features 35 clear mini lights.

  • Internal lights create a glowing night-time display. 

Orig.: $37.87
Sale: $29.87

Snowman Pathway Markers

Snowman Pathway Holiday Makers  These 4 cute snowman pathway markers are all donned in their Santa Tinsel Hats.


Sculptured Gift Boxes Christmas Yard Decoration

New Sculptured Gift Boxes Christmas Yard Decoration...3 Beautiful Shimmering Gift Boxes.  Looks like Santa just dropped off some gifts in your yard.  The set includes an 8" gift box, a 10"  gift box and a 12"  gift box with a collective140 lights. All 3 are accented with a different color ribbon detail. 

Orig.: $54.98
Sale: $51.98

Baby Snowman Holiday Inflatable

New Holiday nflatable.  Decorate the yard with this cool looking Baby Snowman Christmas/Holiday Inflatable. Our Baby Snowman is decked out in his new Black Hat while showing off his new Blue Scarf.  Adorable 4 foot inflatable.  Young and old will love this new Gemyy Baby Snowman Holiday Inflatable.

Orig.: $29.97
Sale: $27.97

Disney Minnie Christmas Inflatable

Minnie Christmas Inflatable .  This Disney Inflatable features Minnie decked out in her Christmas best.  This adorable and cute Minnie Christmas Inflatable will be loved by young and old alike.  Put this inflatable close to your home entrance as Minnie will greet all visitors with Christmas cheers and greetings!  Minnie inflatable stands 3.5 feet high.


Holy Family Christmas Inflatable

New unique Christmas Inflatable ...The Holy Family with Joseph, Mary, and Baby Jesus Christmas Inflatable.  Remember the reason for the season with this inflatable that stands 4 feet high.  Children will love this Christmas Inflatable.

Orig.: $44.97
Sale: $40.97

Snoopy Express Train Christmas Inflatable

Back for Christmas 2015.....All aboard the new Snoopy Christmas Express Train....coming soon to a neighborhood near you.  A great decoration for all you Peanuts fans. Snoopy is bringing you all sorts of holiday cheer on the Christmas Train. With this airblown you get a complete outdoor scene in seconds all with the greatest of ease.  Snoopy is decked out in his Santa hat with his longtime companion Woodstock...to be a sure winner in your neighborhood this 2014 Christmas Season.  5 Feet Tall.

Sold Out

Orig.: $99.97
Sale: $79.97

Santa in a Hammock Chrismta Inflatable

Santa in a Hammock Christmas inflatable.  Looking for a new fun 2015 Christmas Inflatable that will bring out some laughter and Christmas Cheer this Christmas Season....then this inflatable is for you as Santa is snoozing or maybe snoring??? in his hammock. This fun loving Gemmy inflatable is six feet long and 5 feet tall. 


9 Foot Gemmy Husky Holiday Inflatable

New for Christmas 2015....Gemmy Husky Inflatable.  Husky Dog Lovers will apperciate this 9 foot Handsome Looking Husky Holiday Inflatable. Grab one today for yourself or for that dog lover on your Christmas list.  This beautiful Husky lights up, and is ready to greet your friends and neighbors. He will definitely be the attraction in your neighborhood this Holiday Season.S

Sold Out


Santa RV Holiday Camper Christmas Inflatable

Santa has brought back his new RV Camper for 2015.  This is the inflatable for you if you are camping enthusiasts.  And this camper is animated as Santa is opening and closing the door in this Holiday Inflatable.  Let Santa park his new RV this year in your yard and have some fun celebrating the Holiday Season!  Santa's RV is all decked out for the season and have 2 gifts to boot.  This Christmas Inflatable is about 7 feet tall.

Sold Out

If you are looking for the new 2015 Santa RV Camper with Penguin Popping Out. click on Santa RV Camper with Penguin


Santa Hula Dancer Christmas Inflatable

New Gemmy Inflatable back for 2015.....Animated Santa Dancing the Hula Christmas Inflatable.  Bring some fun and merriment to your yard this Christmas Season as Santa is enjoying some R & R and is showing off some of his hidden talents at the Beach. Santa is all decked out in his Tropical outfit.  This inflatable stands 6 feet tall and has internal lighting to light up the night.

Click on the above link to see video

Sold Out

Orig.: $89.97
Sale: $79.97

Giant 16 Foot Santa Inflatable

Supersize your Christmas Decorating with this Giant 16 Foot Santa Inflatable.   Santa will greet all your visitors and passersby with a large Christmas greeting with his 3 tier gift boxes.  Bring some Christmas joy and merriment to your Christmas decorating this year with this 16 foot Chrismas Inflatable.  All ages will enjoy this inflatable!

Orig.: $229.00
Sale: $209.00

Mater with Reindeer Hat and Present Christmas Inflatable

New Christmas Inflatable full of Humor and Fun .....If you have children who love the Car's Movie Series, then this lovable Disney Mater Christmas Inflatable is for you.  All the young children will be screaming "Mater" when they see this inflatable.  Mater is 5 feet high and over 6 feet wide.  Mater is decked out in his large Reindeer Hat and with a large gift in the back and is ready to have a good time this Christmas!

Sold Out

Orig.: $129.97
Sale: $124.97

14 Foot Candy Express Christmas Train Inflatable

New for Christmas.....Never before seen Christmas Design Inflatable....Candy Train Christmas Inflatable with Gingerbread Man as the conductor.  Wow...you get a lot candy train for your money on this one...this train extends out 14 feet wide!  Great center piece for the your Christmas yard decorations.  Kids will love this one!  Bright and colorful inflatable will definitely brighten up your yard for the Holidays.  So get on board and grab this one for the 2015 Christmas season! 

Sold Out


Snoopy Resting on Dog House Christmas Inflatable

Back for Christmas 2015....Snoopy has a larger doghouse where he resting and contemplating on things for the upcoming Holiday Season.  Snoopy's new doghouse is 5 feet high.  Snoopy is wearing a Santa hat and his doghouse is decorated for the Christmas Season.  Snoopy's Doghouse has the words "Merry Christmas" to wish all a wonderful Christmas Season.  Another great Christmas Inflatable for all you Peanuts' fans!

Sold Out

Orig.: $68.99
Sale: $57.99

Hunting Snowman with Camo Vest Holiday Inflatable

Hunting Snowman Holiday Inflatable.  Looks like Mr. Snowman is ready to do some hunting as he his all decked out in his camouflage vest and orange hat.  This Large Snowman Inflatable stands 7 feet tall. Great inflatable for all you hunters.


Gemmy Christmas Airblown Santa Extends Out from the Chimney Inflatable

Back for 2015... Gemmy Santa Rising from the Chimney Christmas Inflatable.  Traditional Christmas Scene with Santa extends out from the chimney and wishing all Christmas greetings and cheer.  This Christmas Inflatable stands 3.5 feet tall. Ho Ho Ho!


Mickie and Minnie Happy Holidays Train Scene Inflatable

Minnie and Mickey Riding in the Happy Holidays Train.  Mickey is up front, while Minnie is holding on to to the back and both are wishing all some Christmas Cheer and Love.  Another great Disney inflatable to help you Mickey and Minnie fans to ring in the Holiday Season with much fanfare.  This adorable couple will grab the attention of all passerby!  This Disney Christmas Inflatable extends six feet out.  Grab this item today before it sells out.

Sold Out

Orig.: $99.99
Sale: $79.97

Animated Santa four wheeling Christmas Inflatable

Exciting and Unique Christmas Inflatable....Santa out 4 wheeling.  Santa has found a new mode of transportation for 2015.  This 4 Wheeler is called the Ho-Ho-Ho Mobile.  Everyone will enjoy this animated inflatable as Santa moves left to right simulating Santa actually in the open field riding his 4 wheeler and with his elf in the back enjoying the ride.  Fun Christmas scene that will be the talk of the neighborhood.

Orig.: $119.97
Sale: $99.97

Bear in Gift Box Christmas Inflatable

Heartwarming and very adorable Bear has popped out of Christmas Gift Box and is checking out his new home.  This inflatable is not animated, but our adorable bear looks like he just popped his head out of the gift box.  This Christmas Inflatable stands 5 feet tall.  You will hear lots of ooohs and ahhhs as friends and passersby see this one.


Animated Reindeer Pulling Santa From Chimney Christmas Inflatable

Oh Oh....Looks like Santa needs a helping hand up as he is stuck in a chimney delivering gifts on Christmas Eve.   Good thing his faithful reindeer is there to the rescue.  This Christmas Inflatable is animated as Santa is being pulled up by his reindeer from inside the chimney.  Humorous and fun new Gemmy Christmas Inflatable.


Giant Snowman and Penguins Holiday Inflatable

Realistic Looking Giant Snowman and Penguins Holiday Inflatable.  Fun Holiday Inflatable with two cute penguins with one pulling the sleigh with the other enjoying the good life as Mr. Snowman is looking on.  This giant outdoor inflatable will be a huge hit with your neighbors and holiday guests. The larger-than-life snowman and his penguin pals are poised and ready to celebrate the season.  Our Snowman features realistic stick arms, hat, and carrot nose.  Ring in the Holiday Season with this adorable 12 foot inflatable.

Orig.: $159.99
Sale: $139.99

Santa with Penguin on Tractor Christmas Inflatable

Yes, Santa has a new tractor to bring in the 2014 Christmas Season...and he has some help with his penguin friend.  We are sure the elves could use this tractor, moving all the pallets of gifts around the North Pole.  Great Christmas Inflatable for any farm area, farm show, nurseries, garden shows, or for those who love gardening and the great outdoors.  This Santa Tractor inflatable is 5.5 feet tall and 5 feet wide.

Sold Out

Orig.: $109.97
Sale: $99.97

Animated Shivering Snowman Holiday Inflatable

Animated Shivering Snowman Holiday Inflatable.  You know it is cold when you have have a Snowman shivering.  Create some fun and laughs and brighten up this Holiday Season with this animated beautifully designed shivering Snowman Inflatable.  Internal lighting will brighten up your Holiday nights.  This Snowman Inflatable stands 6 feet tall.


4 Foot Santa Christmas Inflatable

New Gemmy Christmas Inflatable....4 Foot Jolly Ole Santa Christmas Inflatable.  Great for indoor or outdoor setting.  This inflatable features Santa waving to all passersby Christmas Greetings.

Orig.: $24.97
Sale: $19.97

Dora Christmas Inflatable

Dora and Boots New Christmas Inflatable.  New for all you Dora The Explorer Fans, Colorful and wonderfully designed Dora and Boots Christmas Inflatable.  Dora is decked out in her Santa outfit and Boots is ready for his gift giving.  This Dora Christmas Inflatable stands about 4 feet tall.  Wow the neighbors and family this Christmas!

  • Comes with a small, but powerful blower to inflate the Airblown and keep it inflated.
  • Internal lights create a glowing night-time display.
  • Tough light-weight nylon is weatherproof and fade-resistant.
  • Stakes and tethers, Spare bulb & fuse and complete instructions are included.

Sold Out


Dalmation Puppy in Boot Christmas Inflatable

What will be one of the most heartwarming new Christmas Inflatables....Cute and very adorable Dalmation Puppy in Large Christmas Boot Inflatable. Guaranteed to produce lots of ooohs and ahhhs.   Puppy lovers everywhere will admire this inflatable.  This heartwarming inflatables stands 7 feet tall.

Orig.: $64.99
Sale: $54.99

Snoopy The Flying Ace on His Doghouse

An old Holiday Christmas Favorite is Back for 2015......Snoopy The Flying Ace with Woodstock on his Doghouse Inflatable.  Snoopy is all decked out in his Santa Gear.  And his doghouse is decked out for the season.  This Christmas Inflatable stands 3.5 feet tall.

Sold Out


Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Christmas Inflatable

New for 2015...Rudolph with the Blinking Red Nose Reindeer Christmas Inflatable.  Rudolph's nose actually glows as his red nose flashes off and on.  Kids will really love this one. Stands 4 feet tall


Animated Shivering Peguin Christmas Inflatable

Animated Shivering Penguin Christmas Inflatable.  You know it has to be cold when the Penguin is Shivering.  Light hearted fun Holiday Inflatable featuring Mr. Penguin actually shivering and decked out in ear muffs and red scarf.  And for a little extra humor our Penguin friend is holding a B-R-R-R-R sign.  This Gemmy Christmas inflatable is about 6 feet tall.

Orig.: $95.97
Sale: $55.97

Animated Santa Rising out of Christmas Tree Inflatable

New Fun Gemmy Christmas Inflatable.  Santa pops out of the Christmas Tree with his Hands Up wishing all Jolly Good Tidings for the upcoming Christmas Season 2013!  And then he returns back into his colorful Christmas Tree.  Lights Up!  Looking to give a good ho ho ho laugh this Christmas Season, then this inflatable is for you.  Santa inflatable stands 6.5 feet tall. Self inflates in seconds.


Color Changing Christmas Tree Inflatable

New for 2015....Color Changing White Christmas Tree Inflatable.  This will be the easiest Christmas Tree you will ever put up!  This attractive tree includes a remote to regulate the color settings.  Watch this tree change beautiful LED light colors in a night time setting right before your eyes. This airblown Christmas Tree inflatable stands 6 feet tall.


Santa Playing Golf Christmas Inflatable

Back for 2015....Santa Playing Golf Christmas Inflatable  Have some fun with Santa this Christmas Season as Santa plays a round of golf for all his fans. This Santa inflatable extends 5 feet wide.  Be the first one in your neighborhood to have this new Santa Golfer Christmas Inflatable.

Sold Out

Orig.: $78.47
Sale: $69.47

Polar Bear and Penquins Christmas Inflatable

Polar Bear and Penguins Christmas Inflatable.  One of the more fun Christmas Inflatables.  Penguins do some fishing on the back of our Polar Bear Friend from the North Pole.  Looks like our polar bear friend has his eye on some chow caught by his penguin Friends.  Inflatable extends approximately 71 Inches.

Orig.: $99.97
Sale: $79.97

Christmas Carolers Couple Christmas Inflatable

Christmas Caroler Couple Inflatable.  Bring back vintage memories of neighborhood and community carolers.  The man stands 7 1/2 feet tall and the woman stands 6 and half feet tall.  Let these carolers bring glad tidings to your yard this Christmas Season.

Hot Christmas Sale: $87.00

Orig.: $129.00
Sale: $87.00

Dalmatian Puppy Dog Holiday Inflatable

Gemmy Dalmatian with Santa Hat Christmas Scene Airblown.  Heartwarming Dalmatian Puppy Scene will be enjoyed by young and young at heart everywhere.  Great for indoor or outdoor use.  Lights up for nighttime glow.

Orig.: $34.94
Sale: $24.97

Santa Hanging from the Gutter Christmas Yard Decoration

Santa hanging from gutter Christmas Decoration.  Ho Ho Ho....Give you neightbors and guests a laugh with this Santa Hanging from the Gutter.  Santa extends out 5 feet long.  The decoration does not inflate.

Orig.: $20.97
Sale: $18.97

Snowman Family Christmas Inflatable

New Gemmy Christmas Inflatable at Standard Concession Supply.  Snowman and Family Scene Christmas Inflatable.  Our Happy Snow Man Family of Three are wishing all the best of Holiday Greetings....Each with a Big Smile.  Snowman Family inflatable stands about 4 feet tall.

Free shipping on this Snowman Family Inflatable.


Orig.: $45.00
Sale: $40.00

Airblown Sky High Santa with Teddy Bear Inflatable

Skinny and Slender St. Nicholas style Santa Claus Inflatable.   This Santa inflatable features one of the new styles in the Gemmy Christmas Collection......skinny and and slender and Santa has gotten a whole lot taller.  This inflatable stands at 9 feet!  This nostalgic St Nicholas style Santa Inflatable will get you in the Christmas spirit, as well as, all your passersby!  Santa wishes all a ho ho ho Merry Christmas! 

  • Comes with a small, but powerful blower to inflate the Airblown and keep it inflated.
  • Internal lights create a glowing night-time display.
  • Tough light-weight nylon is weatherproof and fade-resistant.
  • Stakes and tethers, Spare bulb & fuse and complete instructions are included.

Grab one today at this great price.....tis the season to be jollly!

Sold Out

Orig.: $59.97
Sale: $44.97

Airblown Sky High Penguin Christmas Inflatable

Something New and Unique this year.  9 foot Sky High Skinny Penguin holding Christmas Ornament.  Another Gemmy release of their line of skinny sky high Airblown Inflatables.  This penguin is even adorned in a hat that is similar to the hat featured in the Cat in Hat.

  • Approximately 9 foot tall Airblown Inflatable.
  • Comes with a small, but powerful blower to inflate the Airblown and keep it inflated.
  • Internal lights create a glowing night-time display.
  • Tough light-weight nylon is weatherproof and fade-resistant.
  • Stakes and tethers, Spare bulb & fuse and complete instructions are included.

Orig.: $59.97
Sale: $49.97

Gingerbread Woman Christmas Inflatable

Gingerbread Woman Christmas Inflatable.  Large 6 foot Gingerbread Woman full of Christmas Joy and Fun.   Unique Christmas Inflatable...First time this type of inflatable has been designed.  Grab one today!


Santa Claus Sleigh with Two Reindeer Christmas

Santa Claus Sleigh with Reindeer Christmas Inflatable.  Ring in the Christmas and Holiday Season with this Jolly O Santa getting around Christmas Eve with his friendly Reindeer.  Lighted santa with his two reindeer Christmas Airblown.  Seven foot long Lighted Christmas inflatable.

Orig.: $79.95
Sale: $74.95

11 Foot Waving Mickey Mouse Christmas Inflatable

Adorable New Disney Christmas Inflatable back for 2014...Supersize your Disney Christmas Decorations with this 11 foot Mickey Mouse Christmas Inflatable. Mickey is all decked out in his Santa Suit and waves at passersby and wishes large Christmas greetings to all.  Official Walt Disney licensed product.  Creatively designed Gemmy Holiday inflatable that will bring a lot of joy this Christmas Season.

  •  Comes with a powerful blower to inflate the Airblown and keep it inflated.
  •  Internal lights create a glowing night-time display.
  • Tough light-weight nylon is weatherproof and fade-resistant.
  •  Stakes and tethers, Spare bulb & fuse and complete instructions are included.

Sold Out


6 Foot Egg Noggins Santa Mickey Mouse Christmas Inflatable

Disney Egg Noggins Santa Mickey Mouse Christmas Inflatable.  Cute and very adorable Mickey Mouse Inflatable.  Children will love this Mickey Christmas Inflatable.  Mickey is holding a very special gift box!  Stands 6 Feet Tall.  Put a smile on the face of both young and old alike with this Mickey Mouse Egg Noggin Inflatable.

  • Comes with a small, but powerful blower to inflate the Airblown and keep it inflated.
  • Internal lights create a glowing night-time display.
  • Tough light-weight nylon is weatherproof and fade-resistant.
  • Stakes and tethers, Spare bulb & fuse and complete instructions are included.


St Nick Express Train Christmas Inflatable

Fun Time Gemmy Holiday Inflatable....All Aboard St Nick Christmas Express Airblown. This is a fun 8 foot Christmas Blow up Airblown.  Great center piece for your Christmas Yard decorations.  Get on board with Santa and all his friends this 2015 Christmas Season



Sparkle Magic Illuminator Lights Lightshow

New for 2015...It is the Sparkle Magic Lightshow.  What a great way to decorate your yard this Holiday Season.  Compliment your Christmas Inflatable Decorations with the brilliant light show created by the Sparkle Magic Illuminator Lights. The Sparkle Magic Laser Light is a revolutionary, time saving, portable laser light that comes in 3 colors( Crimson Red, Emerald Dust Green, and Indigo Twilight (Blue) and allows you to decorate any surface in a kaleidoscope of brilliant color. Simply plug it in, point it towards your house, tree, or wall, and then adjust the dial until you achieve the desired effect. As compared to bliss lights, the Sparkle Magic laser light comes standard with a suite of mounting accessories that allow you to install the laser in a variety of positions.

Click on the link above to see a video for more information and see some displays of some of the Holiday magic that that can produced by this Sparkle Magic Lightshow!



Sparkle Magic Lightshow


20" Rope Light Jesus is the Reason Motif

Display the Reason for the Christmas Season in your your yard decorations this year with this 20" Rope Light Jesus is the Reason Motif.  Brightly colored lettering that will light up your night time decorations with an added touch of some holly green to the lettering.


Nativity Christmas Large Motiff

Holy Family Nativity Motiff.  This Beautiful Multicolor Ropelight Holy Family captures a special moment in time.  Joseph, Mary, and the Baby Jesus Motif will bring a reflective spirit of the true meaning of Christmas to your Christmas outdoor decorations this year.  The Nativity Scene is 48" High.  Oh Holy Night, the stars are brightly shining...


Santa Stop Here Shimmer Ornamental

Don't forget to tell Santa to Stop By Your House.  New 2015 colorful Christmas Ornamental Signage to grab Santa's attention. Light up the Christmas Season with this 16.5" Christmas decoration with 43 clear incandescent lights that can be used in windows or on any glossy surface.  Sign includes suction cups to easily hang this item.  




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