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Souvenir Drink Cups

Novelty Drink Cups


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Iced Tea Souvenir Drink Cup

New Iced Tea 32 oz. Souvenir Drink Cup. Great cup to promote your iced tea sales and increase profit with the attractive iced tea artwork imbedded into the cup.  Complete with lid and corrugated straw and is refillable.  This sleekline cup is packed 300 cups per case.  New updated version.

Orig.: $112.50
Sale: $104.00

Translucent Plastic Barrel Drink Mug

The Barrel Souvenir Drink Cup.  This translucent plastic mug really looks like a barrel. Fun drink mug great for root beer and other beverages. This mug holds 16 oz and packed 96 per case.

Orig.: $105.00
Sale: $101.00

The Growler Drink Bottle

New for 2019...The Growler Drink Cup.  This fun novelty growler has a unique design.  The whole top unscrews to create a larger opening. This plastic souvenir is a 2 piece cup.. 54 oz bottle and packed 30 per case.

Orig.: $68.50
Sale: $62.50

Mountain Brew Tin Mug

Generate more drink sales with this new 32 oz theme cup "Mountain Brew" Tin Mug.  Full color mug is a great item for "hillbilly" or root beer trailers or for those just looking for a good time fun drink mug to promote sales.  Packed 50 mugs per case.

Orig.: $89.95
Sale: $82.95

Deco 32 oz Design Souvenir Plastic Drink Cup

New Sleek Deco Art Design 32 oz. Drink Souvenir Cup.  This colorful Art Design Theme Clear "EYEC" Cup will help you catch your customer's  attention and assist you to promote sales and to fetch a great price that will help your bottom line.  Refillable cup.  Packed 300 cups per case.  Complete with lid and straw

Orig.: From $112.50
Sale: From $103.00

Flashing Gripster 32 oz Souvenir Drink Cup

32 oz. Flashing Gripster Souvenir Cup.  The cup is designed to attract more customers with internal flashing lights and a built in handle..  A real crowd please for when the sun goes down.  This cup features Fun at the Fair logo Design.  Packed 38 cups per case, and comes in 5 assorted jewel colors


Gripster Souvenir Drink Cup

32 oz Gripster Souvenir Drink Cup.  This 32 oz cup features the Fun At The Fair Design and with a easy to grip built-in handle. Comes in 5 assorted jewel colors.  Packed 40 cups per case, and each bottle comes with corrugated straw.. Great item for local and State Fairs.

Orig.: $59.00
Sale: $54.00

16-oz Stainless Steel Drink Mugs

16 oz Stainless Steel Drink Mug.  Great Novelty item for Lemonade or Soda Carts.  Eye catching and will be a great take home souvenir item.  If you do refills, this cup will be a great item for refills. Packed 120 cups per case. Guaranteed to be a hit at any festival.  If you are interested in our 32 Stainless Steel Mugs, head on over to our Lemonade Cups.

Orig.: $180.00
Sale: $172.00

The Zombie Topper Drink Cup

The 32 oz Zombieville Topper Souvenir Drink Cup. No, it's not the zombie apocalypse.  But, Zombieville Topper Drink Cups are coming to your next fall or Halloween event. Will be a great souvenir cup that everyone will want to take home. Heat up sales and profits at your next scary event with these uniquely designed cups. 100 cups per case.

Orig.: $189.00
Sale: $175.00

Pirate Drink Mug

New for 2019....24 oz Pirates Mug with Lid and Straw.  Great souvenir mug for all your soda and other drink sales.  Packed 24 mugs per case. Great for all your Spring, Summer and Fall Events.

Orig.: $57.00
Sale: $52.00

Pumpkin Jar Drink Cup

28 oz Pumpkin Jar Drink Cups with Straw and Lid.  Great way to promote your Autumn and Halloween Drink sales for 2019. These 28 oz Sparkle Pumpkin Jars are packed 72 per case.  Great item for September and October Festivals, Pumpkin Patches, Haunted and Fall Hayrides, and other Halloween activities.  Even great for home parties.

A souvenir cup everyone will want to take home!

Orig.: $75.00
Sale: $70.00

32 oz Science Beaker Drink Cup

Science Beaker 32 oz Drink Cups.  Put some thrills and chills into your October and Halloween fall events with this 32 oz Science Beaker Theme Cup.  With a color changing design with a flexible straw and tight fitting lid, this cup will make all beverages look better. Will surely catch the eye of all your event goers and will drum up some extra drink sales. 

Orig.: $134.50
Sale: $128.50

32 oz Root Beer Souvenir Cup

32 oz Plastic Root Beer Souvenir Cup.  Old fashioned designed fan favorite root beer cup will increase sales and add value to your sales as customers can take this home and use it again or keep it as a souvenir. 32 oz Sleek Root Beer Cup comes with matching lid and straw.

Summer Sale: $101.50

Orig.: $112.50
Sale: $101.50

64 oz Pepsi Tanker

New for 2018 at Standard Concession Supply...64 oz Souvenir Pepsi Tankers.  These Novelty Drinkware Tankers will be hit with Pepsi Drink Fans.  Wonderful souvenir jug to bring home.  Packed 12 Tankers per case.

Orig.: $59.60
Sale: $53.60

64 oz Mt Dew Tanker Drink Container

64 oz Mountain Dew Drink Tanker.  if you are serving Pepsi products...This Mt Dew Tanker is for you. You can supersize your Drink Sales with these product containers. Will be an awesome souvenir for your customers to take home.

Orig.: $69.60
Sale: $59.10

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