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Corn Dog Fryer and Corn Dog Mix


Paragon Corn Dog Fryer


Dipsy Dog Corn Dog Mix
Dipsy Dog Corn Dog Mix

Dipsy Dog Corn Dog Mix.  Considered by most concession Vendors to be the best corn dog mix found anywhere.  Easy to prepare and use.  Simply add 1.5 qts of water to a 5lb bag of corn dog mix, put your hot dog on stick in the mix and place into baker or corn dog fryer.  It blends easy and givers you a nice, even coating on your corn dog.  The sweet taste will have your customers coming back time and time again.  Make 45 to 50 corn dogs per 5lb. box.  Packed 6 five pound boxes per case.

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Orig.: $50.00
Sale: $45.50

12 Inch Wooden Skewers For Corn Dogs
12 Inch Wooden Skewers For Corn Dogs

Foot long wooden skewers for your corn dog Merchandising.  Packed 2500 semi-pointed corn dog sticks per case. The Foot Long Wooden Skewers Dimensions Are 12” x 1/4” .

Orig.: $139.50
Sale: $130.50

Paragon Mighty Corn Dog Fryer
Paragon 9155 ParaFryer Mighty Manual Corn Dog Fryer - 240V,

Paragon Mighty Corn Dog Fryer-ParaFryer 9155. 

Great versatile and compact Corn Dog Fryer that can be used in many locations including bingo snack bars, little league baseball, bowling alleys, retail snack areas, churches, and festival and carnival locations.  This unit is light-weight and portable, making it ideal for carnivals, fairs, and concession stands. It holds 37.5 lbs. of oil. Not only can you make corndogs on a stick but other food items that can be cooked on a stick.  You can cook up to 12 corn dogs in this fryer.


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Orig.: $703.00
Sale: $683.00

Corrugated Plastic Corn Dog Sign
Corrugated Plastic Corn Dog Sign

Brighten up your corn dog location and grab the attention of new customers that you have some great tasting and attracitive looking corn dogs ready to go.  Sign  dimensions is 24" by 36".  Can be used in A-Frame.


32 oz corn dog cups
32 Oz Corn Dog Cup

32 Oz Souvenir Corn Dog Cups.  These 32 oz Corn Dog Cups will help you stand out at your next carnival or festival. These cups feature happy face corn dogs and are packed 200 cups per case and include lid and straw.

Orig.: $109.00
Sale: $95.00