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Portable Sink

Paragon Portable Sink
Paragon PRO Series Portable Sink

Paragon Stainless Steel Pro Series Portable Sink. Great accompaniment for your lemonade and food trailers and food tent set-ups. Will satisfy health cleaning standards for your remote festival and carnival locations. Great piece of equipment to have in the age of Covid-19.  What makes this portable sink stand out is that it is an ultra-hygienic touch less hand washing operation.  This portable hand washing unit will stand up to the harshest commercial environment (indoor or outdoor), is easy to use and is able to operate without an electrical hook-up and un-supervision. Accordingly, Paragon produced the Pro Series Portal Sink -- specially-crafted to meet precise specifications for performance, efficiency, and output.

Orig.: $1,500.00
Sale: $1,400.00