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Making your home a Cinema experience

Many people fill their homes with big screen TVs, Blu Ray players and surround sound speaker systems in order to replicate the experience of the cinema but what most forget is that most movie theaters have a lot more to them than the onscreen action alone. They also have atmosphere and oddly this is indirectly provided by the snacks which are served in the lobby. Popcorn, snow cones, cotton candy and hot dogs are all typical traits of the modern cinema experience and they have actually been around for many years. It is possible to get every single one of these snack items in your own home, so let us take a quick look at the history of movie snacks and the domestic equivalents which exist today.

Popcorn is one of the oldest snacks in the world, with archaeological evidence suggesting that it was being eaten over five and a half thousand years ago in New Mexico. It was passed on to colonialists in the 1500s and it was in the early days of cinema shortly after the 20th century began that it became a popular, cheap snack at screens across the US. Commercial corn-popping machines have been around for over a century but you can get your own home theater popcorn machine which is a more manageable size and still produces great tasting popcorn at the end. Typically these machines will use a kettle-based popping method and different capacity kettles are on the market to help accommodate different needs.

Hot dogs are a relatively recent invention compared to popcorn, but they are more difficult to pin down to one location, although it is likely that German immigrants to the US in the late 19th century first popularized the idea of a sausage in a bun sold as a snack on the street. While hot dogs are common fare at baseball matches they are also sold in movie theaters on a roller machine which ensures even cooking. You can get miniaturized versions of these for your home and while it may seem easier to pop hotdogs in the microwave this lacks the authenticity and theater of the commercial cooking techniques.

Cotton candy is another cinema favorite and it dates from the 1700s when creating it required a good deal of hard work. Machines which got the job done quickly did not turn up until the 1890s and now it is a much-loved snack across the world. You can buy bags of pre-made cotton candy for your home but for true freshness you can get small and large sized machines which operate on the same principle as the commercial options. You will need to resupply on Flossine, the main ingredient of cotton candy, but this will give you years of fun and sweet memories.

Snow cones are another internationally famous snack and it seems that they have been around for millennia. Ice was infused with flavorings and syrup back in Ancient Rome, but the modern Snow Cone is believed to have been developed by a Texan during 1919. This was possible as a machine to crush ice into the slush we know and love was invented. You can grab a Snow Cone from small-scale domestic machines and recline on your Palliser furniture in front of a movie today.

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