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3 Compartment Nacho Trays

3 Compartment Jumbo Plastic Nacho Trays.  Great for cheese and salsa or cheese and chili. Sturdy strength nacho tray. The middle area is featured for the chips. The chips are arranged to keep them from being soggy from your chili and other dips.

Orig.: $58.50
Sale: $43.50

El Nacho Grande Cheese Sauce Cups

El Nacho Grande Cheese Cups.  High quality cheese sauce that is great for little league baseball or football games, swimming pools, beach concessions, or even home parties. Packed 48 3.5 ounce cups per case....each cup is filled with high quality real cheese. Not microwavable.  Can be heated in warmers or steamers.  Besides being used for nachos, also great for using on hot dogs and with soft serve pretzels. No waster or clean up.

Orig.: $37.85
Sale: $34.85