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Victorio Snow Cone Gift Pack

Great GreiiGreat summer hit and Holiday gift idea!   With the Victorio Snow Cone Gift Pack you get everything you need to make great snow cones all in one box. Includes Victorio Electric Ice Shaver, 25-Pack of 6-oz Snow Cone Cups & Spoon Straws, 3 flavors of Snow Cone Syrup (Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Piña Colada).  The Victorio Electric Ice Shaver takes regular ice cubes and produces a fluffy shaved ice style snow.  25-Pack of 6 oz Snow Cone Cups and Spoon Straws are fun and make clean up super easy. Cherry, Blue Raspberry and Piña Colada syrup flavors will make any snow cone party a hit.


Victorio Electric Shaved Ice Maker

Victorio Electric Snow Cone Maker.  This snow cone maker goes beyond the traditional crushed ice. This snow cone maker creates light fluffy snow.

Enjoy shaved ice for Snow Cones, Fruit Slushes, Party Drinks, Fruit Trays or anywhere you use crushed or chipped ice.  Kids can watch all the action through the clear plastic top.  Attractive Design.

Orig.: $39.97
Sale: $34.97

Victorio 3-Pack Snow Cone Syrups

Victorio 3-Pack Snow Cone Syrups.  3 colorful and great tasting variety flavored snow cone syrups.  Cherry, Blue Raspberry, and Watermelon  Perfect for snow cones, shaved ice, slushes, ice pops, yogurt and more. 16.9 fl. oz. per bottle.  Approximately 16 servings per bottle.  Great party pack for all your parties!  We now offer 3 different 3 multi flavored syrup packs.  Pick from Sugar or Sugar Free.

Orig.: $12.97
Sale: $7.97

Motla Sugar Free Snow Cone Syrups by the Quart

Motla Sugar Free Snow Cone Syrups by the Quarts.  Motla Snow Cone Syrups manufactured by Paragon International are very high quality snow cone syrups.  They currently manufacture 6 very delicious and quality sugar free snow cone flavors in quart bottles.  These Motla Sugar Free Quarts are Ready-to-Use.  No mixing necessary.  Flip top bottles for easy pouring.   Special splenda mix for awesome low-calorie taste.  Try some out today!

Orig.: $6.25
Sale: $5.95

16.9 fl. oz. Sugar Free Snow Cone Syrup

Sugar Free Snow Cone Syrups. Great delicious product for those who want to watch their sugar intake!  Packaged 16.9 fl oz.. The Premium Sugar Free Snow Cone Syrups are Ready To Use(RTU). Simply pour 1 ounce of syrup over 6 ounces of shaved ice.  Nozzles now included.

Orig.: $5.95
Sale: $2.95

Frostee Quart Bottle of RTU Snow Cone Syrups

RTU(Ready to Use) Snow Cone Syrups by the Quart by Frostee.  Now Standard Concession Supply offer a wider variety of ready to use snow cone syrups by the quart.  Mix and match your flavors.  Packaged fresh by the Great Western Company.  Convenient size quart bottles makes it easier to serve snow cones from any location and easier for transporting.  Great for home parties, rental stores, and inflatable owners. Flip top nozzles now included.

Orig.: $5.35
Sale: $4.65

Snow Cone Syrups by the Gallon

Snow Cone Syrup by the Gallon.  Great way to serve the larger crowds.  Each gallon makes about 100 6 oz snow cones.  For best dispensing, you will want to get the one ounce syrups pumps listed below for each flavor you have.  Comes in a variety of mouth-watering and refreshing flavors.  Grab some gallons today to cool off the crowds and heat up your sales and profits.

New Syrup: Sour Cherry and Pineapple!

We do not recommend our Canadian friends ordering these syrups by the gallon as these gallons are quite heavy and the shipping is disproportionate to the cost of the syrups.  We do recommend the Motla quart concentrates listed below. 

These Gallon Syrups are Ready To Use. 

Orig.: $8.50
Sale: $8.00

Snow Cone Starter Kit

Snow Cone Syrup Kit.  New at Standard Concession Supply.  Great snow cone starter kit for home parties, small business functions, and new snow cone machine purchase.

Each starter kit contains:

  • 1 Gallon of Snow Cone Syrup (Flavor is Random)
  • (50) Six Ounce Snow Cone Cups
  • 1 - Plastic Scoop
  • 1 - Pump for syrup


Quart Pour Bottle for Snow Cone Syrups

New at Standard Concession Supply...Clear quart pour bottles for dispensing your favorite snow cone syrups or shaved ice syrups.  If the plastic snow cone pumps are not your thing, then you want to grab a set of these bottles.  Less mess and waste than snow cone pumps.  These clear plastic long neck quart bottles provide an attractive and colorful way to display shaved ice and snow cone syrup flavors.  Packed 12 in a box.  And 12 clear plastic pour spouts are included.  Plastic pour-out spouts help control direction, and flow of syrup on each shaved ice serving.  Dust covers are not included.


EE-ZEE Snow Cone Concentrate Mix

EE-ZEE Snow Cone Concentrate Mix is a great way to make snow cone syrup economically.  Packed 10 4 oz carton per box. Each carton makes one gallon of snow cone syrup.  These packages are easy to use and do not take up much space. Available in the popular flavors of cherry or blue raspberry.  If you would like to buy individual packages for $3.97, you can order by calling us at Standard Concession Supply at 757-473-8951

Orig.: $19.97
Sale: $16.97

Flower Snow Cone Drip Tray 8 oz.(medium)

Medium 8 oz. Snow Cone Drip Trays packed 600 count.  Come in a variety of colors. Nifty way to showcase your snow cones or Hawaiian  Shaved Ice products. The pedal design allows the melted ice to flow back into the cup. The no messy way to hold snow cones.  If you are a snow cone vendor, a great item to merchandise your snow cones ..... the results are higher sales.  Can also be used for Nacho Sundaes.  Assorted with new Neon Colors.

Orig.: $89.20
Sale: $86.20

Palm Tree Snow Cone Cup

Palm Tree Snow Cone Cups.  These new 8 oz snow cone cups feature a cool translucent palm tree look. Add the wow factor to your snow cone business for 2020!  Packed 600 cups per case.

Orig.: $125.00
Sale: $115.00

Flower Drip Tray 12 oz.(Large)

Large 12 oz. Flower Drip Trays packed 400 count.  Come in a variety of colors.  The no messy way to hold snow cones.  If you are a snow cone vendor, a great item to merchandise your snow cones ..... the results are higher sales.


Spoon Straws

Snow Cone and Shaved Ice Spoon Straws. Whether you are serving snow cones or shaved ices either in a cone cup or in styrofoam cup, spoons straws are great utensils to include with each shaved ice or snow cone.  Our spoon straws are colorful and attractive. Packaged in a box of 400. 


Snow Cone Syrup Pumps

Snow Cone Syrup Pump

Each pump dispenses one ounce of snow cone syrup per pump.  Heavy duty plastic pump screws right into plastic gallon jug for easy dispensing.  Each gallon of syrup holds 128 ounces of snow cone syrup.  So with these snow cone pumps, you shoud be able to dispense enough syrup to make at least one hundred flavored 6 oz snow cone cups per gallon.


6 oz. Snow Cone Cups

Box of 1000 6 oz. Snow Cone Cups.  These Heavy duty and beautifully designed snow cone cups are a must when serving snow cones.  These snow cups have a special coating to prevent syrups from leaking out from the bottom.  Kids and adult will both love the cups!

Design will increase your snow cone sales!


Plastic Snow Cone Ladle

Plastic Snow Cone Ladle.  For forming snow cones,  this the best ladle you can find anywhere.  The handle is shaped at the correct angle for quickly forming and placing a snow cone ball into a snow cone cup.  It is built of virtually indestructible nylon.


Snow Cone Cup Holder

Stainless Steel Sno-Cone Cup Holder.  A must have when serving snow cones to large groups.  Holds up to eight snow cone cups filled with ice and ready to be topped off with any delicious snow cone syrup flavor!  Be ready for peak times when long lines can form.  Enables you to prepare several snow cones at one time!


Snow Cone Cups Holder and Dispenser

Paragon Snow Cone Cup Holder Dispenser.  Attaches to snow cone machine to place your paper snow cone cups in to dispense one cup at a time.  Makes it easier, cleaner, and quicker to serve snow cones.


Snow Cone Neon Sign

Neon Snow Cone Sign

Brighten up your snow cone stand or concession area with our Hot Neon Snow Cone Sign. 

This high quality snow cone sign is ultra-bright so that they can be seen even in the harshest lighting conditions that are often found in concession stands, convenience stores and restaurants

Will draw snow cone lovers from quite a distance!

Dimensions: 15" (h) x 30" (w) x 4"(d)
Watts: 40
Lamps: 2
Frame Color: Black
UL Listed: Yes

Now On Sale: $119.00

Orig.: $149.00
Sale: $119.00

Paragon The Arctic Blast Sno-Cone Machine

Paragon's The Arctic Blast Snow-Cone Machine is a hard working, economical option.  This Snow Cone Machine can put out 500 lb. of ice per hour!  Just add ice and the requested snow cone syrup flavor for great profits or just plain fun and refreshment on these warm and hot summer days!  The Arctic Blast Sno-Cone Machine has high-impact polycarbonate side panels.  Features Include:  

  • Sturdy Stainless Steel and Aluminum Construction
  • Chip Resistant Finish  

Click on the above link for more details and information.



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