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Tub of Fun Buckets 64 oz

Mini Doughnut Novelty Bucket
Mini Doughnut Novelty Bucket

Serve up those "Hot and Fresh" Mini Doughnuts in this colorful and attractive Mini Doughnut Novelty Bucket. 48 oz Doughnut Container comes with a handle and is packed 130 buckets per case.

Orig.: $120.35
Sale: $105.35

Mucho Nacho Bucket
Mucho Nacho 48 oz Buckets

Trying to please those hungry nacho lovers ..then this bucket is for you.  New Nachos Buckets...."Nachos Mucho" Design with handle will sure heat up your nachos sales. Holds a healthy amount of nachos at 48 oz for those hungry fiesta nacho lovers.  Packed 160 buckets per case.

Orig.: $140.35
Sale: $105.00

Make a splash 64 oz food bucket
Make A Splash Food Bucket

Make A Splash Food Bucket.  Make a splash with you food sales this Summer and Fall with this 64 oz attractive blue and yellow bucket.  Can be used for fries, nachos, donuts, chicken wings, and more!  This translucent bucket is packed 100 buckets per case.  

Orig.: $139.70
Sale: $130.70

24 Oz Chicken Buckets

24 oz Plastic Chicken Buckets.  Great item to serve fried chicken or even chicken wings.  This buckets come with a handle and are packed 200 buckets per case.




Tub O Fun Buckets 64 Oz
Tub O Fun Buckets 64 Oz

New for 2023...Stackable Tub O Fun Buckets.  Make a splash in 2023 with these large attractive buckets that will feed a whole family or group.  Can hold donuts, fries, nachos, and more! Come with red easy to carry handles and is perfect for extra-large servings. Packed 75 64 oz tubs per case.


Orig.: $109.00
Sale: $99.00

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