Thanksgiving Inflatables

Fall and Harvest Inflatables

Brighten up your 2019 Thanksgiving and Fall Season with one of our colorful Thanksgiving or Harvest Inflatables These inflatables make great Thanksgiving yard decorations.  Grab one today...Thanksgiving and the Fall Season will be here soon!


Thanksgiving Yard Inflatables



Thanksgiving Inflatables

6 Foot Turkey Harvest-Thanksgiving Inflatable

New for Harvest/Thanksgiving 2018....Six Foot Turkey Airblown Inflatable.  Show off your Thanksgiving  and Harvest decorating this year with this adorable 6 Turkey with red and white checkered scarf.   Great way to Say Happy Thanksgiving to your neighbors and friends with this handsome looking turkey.  Looks like he is ready to party and celebrate with you this Harvest season!  Comes with internal lighting to light up the night.

Orig.: $59.97
Sale: $44.97

4 Foot Pilgrim Boy and Girl Thanksgiving Inflatable

New 2018 Thanksgiving Inflatable....4 Foot Pilgrim Boy and Girl.  Adorable Thanksgiving Inflatable that will grab everyone's attention.   This 4 Foot Tall Pilgrim Boy and Girl Combo Set is ready to greet and welcome all your guests with a joyful Happy Thanksgiving!  Self inflates in seconds and is weather resistant.

Orig.: $89.97
Sale: $83.97

8.5 Turkey Family Thanksgiving Inflatable

New for Thanksgiving 2018....8.5 Foot Wide Turkey Family Scene Inflatable.  Liven up your Thanksgiving and Fall Decorating with this 8.5 Turkey with his adorable 2 chicks. This colorful friendly looking Turkey and family will grab a lot of attention this fall.

Orig.: $129.97
Sale: $109.97

Stacked Pumpkins Battery Operated Harvest Inflatable

New for Fall and Harvest 2018.....Stacked Pumpkin Patch Inflatable.  We really got some fun loving smiling pumpkin friends here.  There are ready to point you in the correct direction to your pumpkin patch.  This fun Fall inflatable features includes battery operated with timer chip control featuring 4 hours on, 20 hours off. Requires four D batteries (Not included). Also, comes with an air pump.  These 3 pumpkins stands 4 feet high.  Great also for all your fall festivals!

Orig.: $21.97
Sale: $19.97

Pilgrim Turkey Thanksgiving Inflatable

This Gemmy Thanksgiving Turkey is decked out in his Pilgrim Hat and is to ready liven up your yard or indoor location.  Is it just us, or does this turkey looking slightly...nervous?  Great economically priced Thanksgiving yard or indoor decoration for any budget.  This 3 foot Airblown Thanksgiving Turkey lights up and self inflates in seconds.  Everything included for quick and easy set-up.

Orig.: $34.97
Sale: $29.97

Harvest Minnie Scarecrow Thanksgiving Inflatable

Look who is the Harvest Hoedown mood....It is Harvest Themed Disney Minnie Mouse.  Adorable Minnie Harvest Thanksgiving Inflatable stands 3.5 tall.  All decked out in her harvest outfit, he is holding a banner wishing all you neighbors and invited guests a "Happy Thanksgiving"

Sold Out

Orig.: $49.97
Sale: $47.97

Harvest Mickey Scarecrow Thanksgiving Inflatable

Look who is the Harvest Hoedown mood....It is Harvest Themed Disney Mickey Mouse.  Adorable Mickey Harvest Thanksgiving Inflatable stands 3.5 tall.  All decked out in his harvest outfit, he is holding a banner wishing all you neighbors and invited guests a "Happy Thanksgiving"

Sold Out

Orig.: $49.97
Sale: $47.97

Harvest Snoopy Thanksgiving Inflatable

Looks who is ready to celebrate Thanksgiving with you this year.  Snoopy is decked out in his Harvest outfit and carries a banner wishing all a Happy Thanksgiving to help celebrate the season with your neighbors and friends. This official Peanuts new 2018 Harvest/Thanksgiving Inflatable stands about 3.5 feet tall.

Sold Out


7 Foot Scarecrow Harvest Thanksgiving Inflatable

New for Harvest and Thanksgiving 2018....7 Foot Scarecrow Inflatable Decoration.  This happy go lucky adorable scarecrow is ready to celebrate with you at your next hoe down, fall festival, hay ride, pumpkin patch, and more. Realistic looking hay included in the build of the scarecrow. 

Orig.: $72.97
Sale: $59.97

6 Foot Original Thanksgiving Turkey Inflatable

Super Size your Thanksgiving  Decorations with this Thanksgiving Turkey Inflatable for indoor or outdoor use.  Forget the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, you can now have your own Giant 6 Foot Turkey Inflatable this year to help celebrate Thanksgiving right in own front yard!  This is the Original Gemmy Thanksgiving Turkey Inflatable!

Orig.: $64.97
Sale: $59.97

Turkey Thanksgiving Inflatable

New Colorful Harvest Thanksgiving Turkey Inflatable..  This Pilgrim Turkey features a multi color tail. Each tail feather color lights up with a different color.  This colorful dapper looking Turkey stands almost 5 feet tall and almost 7 feet wide and is ready to join in your Thanksgiving festivities.

Coming Soon

Orig.: $87.97
Sale: $79.97

Scarecrow on a Tractor Inflatable

Back for Harvest 2018.....Show your Autumn and Thanksgiving spirit with this Scarecrow on a Tractor Inflatable.  Approximately 6 1/2 by 4 by 6 1/2  feet tall Airblown Inflatable.   This Scarecrow will surely bring some cheer and laughter this Fall and Thanksgiving!  Great for farmer markets, fall celebrations, and front yards.

  • Comes with a small, but powerful blower to inflate the Airblown and keep it inflated.
  • Internal lights create a glowing night-time display.
  • Tough light-weight nylon is weatherproof and fade-resistant.
  • Stakes and tethers, Spare bulb & fuse and complete instructions are included.

Orig.: $109.97
Sale: $79.97

4 Foot Turkey Thanksgiving Inflatable

4 Foot Turkey Thanksgiving Inflatable.  This 4 foot Turkey is a perfect addition to all your Harvest and Thanksgiving decorating.  Great for home yard decorating, farmer's markets, fall festivals, and pumpkin patches.  Easy to set up and take down.  Lights up to illuminate for all your autumn and Thanksgiving night time festivities.

Sold Out

Orig.: $35.97
Sale: $29.97

Turkey in a Pot Thanksgiving Airblown

Add some humor and fun to your Thanksgiving decorating with this Air Character Thanksgiving Turkey In A Pot Inflatable. Although this turkey looks like he is in a bit trouble, he wishes you and all your neighbors a Happy Thanksgiving.  Turkey inflatable stands 6 feet tall.


8 Foot Pumpkin Patch Fall Inflatable

New Fall Inflatable...Large 8 foot Pumpkin Patch Inflatable.   Great for the yard or if you have a pumpkin farm or for farmers markets and you are selling pumpkins, or even for fall festivals.  These seven happy smiling pumpkins with grab the attention of everyone.

Orig.: $74.97
Sale: $64.97

2018 Sitting Turkey Thanksgiving Inflatable

Sitting Turkey Thanksgiving Airblown Inflatable.  This 5 foot new Turkey Thanksgiving Inflatable will add some Holiday cheer to your Fall and Thanksgiving Decorations.   Lights up for a night time glow.

Orig.: $49.97
Sale: $44.97

8.5 Foot Thanksgiving Turkey Inflatable

New for Thanksgiving and Harvest....8.5 Foot Tall Gemmy Thanksgiving Inflatable.  This large affable turkey will entertain everyone in your neighborhood and put everyone in the Harvest and Thanksgiving. spirit.

Great way to greet all your Thanksgiving guests.

Orig.: $89.97
Sale: $79.97

4 Ft. Pilgrim Amish Man And 3.5 Foot Amish Woman Thanksgiving Inflatable

Pilgrim 4 Ft Pilgrim Couple Thanksgiving Inflatable.  This Thanksgiving inflatable features 4 Foot Pilgrim Amish Man and 3.5 Foot Tall Pilgrim Woman greeting all those you pass by.  Great for your yard, pumpkin patches, or fall festivals or Thanksgiving festivities.    

Orig.: $79.97
Sale: $74.97

10 Foot Thanksgiving Turkey Inflatable

Back for 2019....10 Foot Turkey Thanksgiving Inflatable. you can really supersize your Thanksgiving Decorating with this very large, but friendly and affable, 10 foot Thanksgiving Turkey Inflatable.  Has a large motor to blow the turkey up in a couple of minutes.  Kids will love this one!

Orig.: $129.97
Sale: $99.97

Thanksgiving Pilgrim Couple Inflatable

Pilgrim Couple Thanksgiving Inflatable.  Updated version for 2019....creatively designed male and female Pilgrim Combo Thanksgiving Inflatable.  Celebrate this Thanksgiving with these pilgrims in your yard this year.  Beautiful and inspiring inflatable.  Let's give thanks.

Grab this inflatable today before it sells out this year again.

Orig.: $189.97
Sale: $129.97

Thanksgiving American Indian Woman Inflatable.

Back for Thanksgiving 2018.....  American Indian Airblown Thanksgiving Decoration.  This woman Thanksgiving inflatable is holding a bundle of corn.  Great item to compliment your Harvest and Thanksgiving decorations theme this Fall Season.  Stands 6.9  feet tall.


American Indian Thanksgiving Inflatable

Great addition to your Fall and Thanksgiving Yard Decorations....especially with the Pilgrim Couple listed above.  New Tall American Indian Man Inflatable stands over 7 and a half feet tall.  Great reflection item along with the Pilgrim from the first Thanksgiving.


Indian Boy and Girl Thanksgiving Inflatable

New Thanksgiving Inflatable.....4 foot high American Native Boy and Girl Thanksgiving Inflatable.  Great  compliment to the American Indian Man and Woman Thanksgiving Inflatable. Rated for indoor or outdoor use.  Let this colorful Thanksgiving scene greet all your Thanksgiving guests this November.  Also lights up for a night time glow.

Orig.: $69.97
Sale: $64.97

5 Foot Thanksgiving Turkey Inflatable

New ....Celebrate this Thanksgiving with this very colorful sitting Turkey.  This Thanksgiving Inflatable stands 5 feet high.  Let this handsome turkey inflatable be part of your Thanksgiving and fall decorations this year!  For indoor or outdoor use.

Orig.: $54.97
Sale: $49.97

Lighted Stack Pumpkin Trio Harvest Inflatable

New for Harvest Fall 2018....Pumpkin Trio Inflatable.  Adorable set of 3 stacked pumpkins will make an affordable and easy way to decorate for all your festivals and parties this fall.  Great for indoor or outdoor use. Stands almost 4 feet tall.

Orig.: $34.97
Sale: $25.97

12 Foot Pumpkin Patch Scene Happy Fall Inflatable

Welcome Fall and Autumn with this large colorful 12 Foot Happy Fall Pumpkin Patch Inflatable. Total of 7 pumpkins. Harvest and Fall Decorating will never be the same with this very attractive and creatively designed 12 Foot Fall Inflatable.

Orig.: $89.97
Sale: $84.97


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Photo of our Turkey Sitting on Pumpkin with Scarecrow Inflatable sent in from our friends in Canada.



Thanksgiving Fall Inflatables






Thanksgiving Inflatables


Fall Inflatables