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Gallon of Canola Popcorn Oil

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Gallon of Sunglo Canola Oil.

Canola oil is considered the The “Heart Healthy” alternative oil. Canola oil is one of the lowest in saturated fats on the market. Sunglo Canola Popping Oil has been specially formulated to eliminate any sort of unwanted aroma or taste. Sunglo’s popping oil is colored with beta carotene to give your popcorn the fresh yellow color while providing an excellent popping oil. Packaged in a air tight reusable container for maximum freshness .Sunglo’s popping oil is 100% no Trans Fat and a proudly certified Kosher.  Includes a buttery flavor in the oil. 

Sunglo canola oil by the gallon is blended with a wonderful tasting buttery oil that will make great tasting popcorn for theater or home use.  Canola oil is a healthy oil to pop popcorn with....without high saturated fats and cholesterol.  Great flavor and great smell.  The color of the popcorn will be golden yellow color.  Try some today!