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Nostalgia Electrics Hot Dog Roller

From the Helman Company....Created For Home Use...Nostalgia Electrics Old Fashioned HDR-565 Hot Dog Roller with Griddle that holds up to 8 hot dogs!  Cooks up to 8 regular sized hot dogs in minutes.  You can also cook the oversized hot dogs with ease.  The non stick rollers rotate continuously at an even pace to allow even cooking.  This hot dog roller offers professional grade foodservice performance in a home appliance.  The canopy top opens to easily store hot dog buns and/or hot dogs so they are always close at hand for your hungry guests!  Click on the link above for a larger photo, as well as, an additional photo.

Latest reports are that many small commercial concession stands also report great success with the Nostalgia Electrics Hot Dog Roller Grill!  So grab one today!

Orig.: $47.97
Sale: $29.97

Nostalgia Electrics RRD-800 Retro Hot Dog Roller

Nostalgia Electrics RRD-800 Retro Hot Dog Roller

Enjoy your hot dogs at your next party the old fashioned way.  Nostalgia Electrics Retro RRD-800 Old Fashioned Hot dog Roller with Griddle.  Bring back nostalgic memories of carnivals, ball games, family gatherings, and more. Relive the 40's 50's and 60's. This old fashioned hot dog maker is designed to look and function just like the quaint hot dog carts of yesteryear and sits right on your countertop.

Great Hot Dog Maker for family events, home parties, birthdays, beach-cabin get togethers, Holiday functions, and fundraisers.  The hot dogs cook very quickly...within minutes guest and family can prepare there own hot dogs with all the dressings.

Grab one today for some great fun!


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