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Paragon ParaFryer 4400 Funnel Cake Fryer

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New Paragon's ParaFryer Funnel Cake Maker.  Funnel Cakes is one the most popular concession items sold at any Midway Show or Festival Function.  The 4400  Watts ParaFryer is a Multi-Purpose Funnel Cake Fryer that can work for all kinds of venues.  Our compact and portable unit is easy to use and ideal for concession stands or carnivals.

The ParaFryer can easily fry traditional funnel cakes, donuts and other pastries, but can also be used for other fried foods.  And the Para Fryer features a Digital Thermostat Display.  The fryer lid can mount to the side; functioning as a drain rack.


Holds 2 8" Funnel Cake or 3 6" Funnel Cakes




Digital Thermostat Display

The digital display tells you the oil temperature to allow for more accurate frying.  No more guess work! Simply read if the oil is hot enough for use and cook as needed.




240 Volt NEMA 6-20p Plug


Using the 240 Volt plug allows for high wattage capacity and reduced recovery time between cooking batches.



Adjustable Temperature Dial

Smooth adjustments from 200o - 400o with no harsh ratcheting between temperatures. Set your desired temperature and the Digital Thermostat will change as the oil heats until you’re ready to go!



Stainless Steel Construction

Crafted with 20 Gauge Stainless Steel makes our ParaFryer very durable. The oil reservoir has a 25lbs. capacity; marked with a Minimum and Maximum line to help operators work quickly and efficiently.



240 Volt Tubular Element

Internal cooking area is 15.75” x 15.75” x 4.625” and has a maximum capacity of three (3) 6” or two (2) 8” funnel cakes at a time.



Additional Accessories

To help your success we also offer the following accessories; a 1-Quart Pitcher (Part # 4021), a 6” Funnel Cake Mold Ring with Base Plate (Part # 4020), an 8” Funnel Cake Mold Ring with Base Plate (Part # 4022), 12” Tongs (Part # 8065),
and a Stainless Steel Skimmer (Part # 4023).

Actual dimensions: 18"w X 23"d X 11.5"h

***CAUTION: Operating the fryer will cause the lid to become hot.  Please allow the unit to cool completely before touching any metal component or surface.

240 Volt NEMA 6-20p Plug