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Vcitor's Sweet Funnel Cake Mix

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Victor's Sweet Funnel Cake Mix.  This mix is packed 6 5 lb. bags per cases.  25 Lb Bags are also available.  Call for more information.  Victor's Sweet Funnel Cake Mix is a tad sweeter than your other funnel cake mixes. But certainly, it will be a hit at your next midway show. Each 5-lb. bag will make approximately 24 eight-inch funnel cakes.  Each 25-lb. bag makes approximately 120 eight-inch funnel cakes.


  • Pour 7 cups of water into mixing bowl with 5 lbs of mix.
  • Mix for 15-20 seconds using the whip attachment at low speed.
  • Scrape the bowl.
  • Mix for 2 minutes at medium speed until smooth.
  • Heat oil to 375-385°F.
  • Pour batter into oil in an overlapping circular patter using a funnel with a half-inch opening.
  • Fry batter for 60 seconds on each side.
  • Tips for Best Results: