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Pretzel Haus Soft Serve Pretzels

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New Pretzel Haus Soft Pretzels.  Very high quality pretzels...always moist and flavorful.  Come packaged 50 pretzels per case.  We have salted pretzels.  The salted pretzels are lightly salted, and the cinnamon include separate cinnamon glaze dip.  The shelf life of the pretzels are very stable which will eliminate waste and prep time.  Shelf life for these pretzels are one year!  Authentic Bavarian Pretzels.How to make the pefect Pretelhaus Pretzel(Salt)


1 Leave pretzel in package, open one end

2 Heat in microwave for 30 seconds

3 Spritz pretzel with butter or water

4 Insert into salt pan

5 Put in box and place in wamer