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Mixing It Up with the Old AND New For Family Fun!

Hey. You there. Yes, you. Take a short time out from hunting for Roomba robotic vacuum cleaners and let's step back in time and take a look at something your family's going to love just as much as your new robot. Remember going to the carnival, or the circus, or the state fair, and encountering all that great food that it seemed you could find nowhere else? We're talking cotton candy, snow cones, juicy hot dogs, thick, bready corn dogs, and …hey, are you drooling?

Right about now you may be thinking, "Why are you torturing me like this? There's not a carnival around for miles, and it's months till I can get a good corn-dog at the state fair!" Well, fortunately for you and yours, that's not necessarily true. Now you can increase the family fun quotient in your house simply by buying a few inexpensive appliances that can provide you with all the nostalgia you can handle, anytime you want it. We're talking about nostalgia electrics, fun food appliances that'll make your pool parties the hit of the summer.

Life in the Kitchen

in the eyes of your family! Mixing the old and the new is a terrific idea. You can reminisce about the good old days and your kids can see a little of the past and the future all in the present time. Believe it or not, nostalgia electronics, from popcorn makers to chocolate fondue fountains, don't have to cost an arm and a leg -- not when you buy them from the right suppliers. In fact, nearly all of these appliances can be had for less than $100, and most cost less than $50. Supplies tend to be reasonable, too. Who'da thunk it?

A trade secret -- revealed

For years, the ready availability of nostalgia electronics like these was one of food service's best-kept secrets. Mostly this was because very few people outside the concessions industry ever realized that the general public could purchase such appliances for reasonable prices. Waffle-makers, sure, but corn dog fryers? Nachos makers? Hot dog roller grills? Those were the things of fond memory and weekend visits to Coney Island. Well, not anymore! You can make your own kitchen a carnival whenever it suits you. Talk about making preparing for a party easy -- any of these machines can make it a snap. Think about all those times you ruined your hot dogs by putting them on the barbecue grill, or tried to avoid that by boiling the flavor out of them on the stove. With a hot-dog roller, just like the one the big boys use, that's no longer a problem. Instead of charred, misshapen lumps, you'll end of with the plump, evenly cooked dogs that you've always loved.

Imagine handing out warm, buttery bags of popcorn to one and all, or stirring up a big wad of cotton candy and handing it to a happy kiddo, or creating a deluxe masterpiece snow cone with every flavor under the sun, or deep-frying a whole army of corn dogs at once. If the very thought makes you drool, then you've come to the right place for your nostalgia fix.

Published with permission (FCDMInc)