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Motla Snow Syrup Concentrate 16 oz. Pint Squirt Bottle
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Motla Snow Syrup Concentrate 16 oz Pint Squirt Bottle

Looking for a economical way to make your own snow cone flavors?  Our new premium snow cone concentrates are the answer.   Now you can save money and mix your own syrups from our different Motla flavored concentrates.  And we have a huge variety of flavors.   From the more exotic flavors of tigers blood, sour grape, cotton candy, and pink champagne to the standard flavors like blue raspberry, cherry, orange, etc.  Each 16 oz. concentrate bottles makes 4 gallons of RTU syrup!  Just add sugar and water.  Full mixing instructions on each bottle.  Great savings in both money and shipping costs.  And these syrups have the finest taste around.  Motla Syrups are formulated with natural ingredients, pure cane sugar, and and filtered water.

Formulated for both shaved ice and snow cones.