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Virginia Peanuts - Salted and Roasted

Welcome to our  Peanuts page. 

Our peanuts are some of the finest quality in the world. Our peanuts are grown in the heart of peanut country.  The various types of peanuts found on this page are harvested from the fertile peanut fields of southeast and south central Virginia and northeast and north central North Carolina.  We carry Virginia fancy peanuts and jumbo peanuts.  And here at Standard Concession Supply, you can purchase almost any flavor or style of peanuts you would want.  From semi sweet chocolate covered peanuts, to cajun flavored, to salted, we have what you are looking for. 

Our office headquarters are located in southeast Virginia and only 40 minutes from Suffolk, VA which boasts to be the Peanut Capital.  In fact, during every October, Suffolk, VA celebrates peanuts with their annual fall festival rightly named the "Peanut Festival" 

Peanut's reseach shows that peanuts contain alot of good vitamins and minerals.  Pennuts are healthly!  So grab up yourself some packs or cases, and live healthy.  You know they grown in the "Peanut Capital"!

25lb. Jumbo Peanuts Bulk Box
25lb. Jumbo Peanuts Bulk Box

25 lb. Jumbo Bulk Box of Salted Peanuts.


Salted Peanuts 8 oz./36 ct
Salted Peanuts 8 oz./36 ct

Case of 36 (8-ounce Bags) Fancy Delicious Salted Peanuts. Great for late night snacks.  Good party treat for college or NFL parties.  Great seller at little league baseball games, as well as High School Football games.